01.10.10 -- SWEETHEART -- Cryptic Crossword


Sunday, January 10, 2010

CRYPTIC CROSSWORD by Richard Silvestri, edited by Will Shortz

What can one say about cryptic crossword clues?


1. Wound up and pitched, as they say (7), THROUGH
5. Brilliant cast all rest (7), STELLAR
9. Ragged, topless and relieved (5), EASED
10. Minor-league infielders ultimately accept demotion (9), ABASEMENT
11. Aimed at sailor, cop, newspaperman (8), TARGETED
12. Thin-paper Time edition (6), TISSUE
14. Bar false witness’s return (4), RAIL
15. Finally writes small article: “Cunning Lover” (10), SWEETHEART
18. I represent new business organization (10), ENTERPRISE
19. Refuses to practice (4), WONT
22. Smooth, like John Paul II (6), POLISH
24. “Free Latvia’s leader” I scold (8), LIBERATE
27. Toss out some of the victims (5), EVICT
28. Poet and essayist confused mere boy (7), EMERSON
29. Feel sorry about alien in group of attendants (7), RETINUE


1. Cinema opening of Top Gun” (7), THEATER
2. Holding back coach among others (9), RESTRAINT
3. Victoria’s Secret line lives again? (6), UNDIES
4. Chuck, in a tie, rising up to the sky (10), HEAVENWARD
5. Sing “shoobie-doobie-shoo” (4), SCAT
6. Otto, in England, possessing fine vision (8), EYESIGHT
7. English city is up by the sound (5), LEEDS
8. Go back and pick up another tab? (7), RETREAT
13. Actor Miller, for one, keeps name in spit of that (3, 7), BEN STILLER
16. Bother to mete out reverence (9), ADORATION
17. Newspapers covering lifetime forecasts (8), PRESAGES
18. Former Mideast group about to investigate (7), EXPLORE
20. Settler sabotaged part of a bridge (7), TRESTLE
21. Faction holding the French pick (6), SELECT
23. Second unfinished coffee (5), LATTE
25. One performing in a little while (4), ANON

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submariner said...

Can't understand how we get sweetheart from the cluing other than the obvious lover part.

DONALD said...


SWEETHEART clue breaks into four pieces. "Finally writes",the last letter of "writes" is S; "small" is WEE; "article" is THE; “cunning" is ART.