01.15.10 -- Icebox

Friday, January 15, 2010

Puzzle by Joe Di Pietro, edited by Will Shortz

A cold crossword for a cold month, this frigid Friday puzzle is a solemn solve.

Across: 1. Ticketed, CITED; 6. Chilled, COOLED OFF; 15. Chilling, ON ICE; 16. Constellation once called the Dragon’s Wing, URSA MINOR; 17. Tenor Mario LANZA; 18. The Who’s “Quadrophenia,” e.g., ROCK OPERA; 19. Microscopic protists, GREEN ALGAE; 21. Park of a picket fence, SLAT; 22. Docs who’ve paid their dues, AMA MEMBERS; 23. Lettuce variety, BIBB; 24. Japanese code word meaning “tiger”, TORA; 25. Tandoori-baked breads, NANS; 26. Singer of the Leoncavallo aria “Vesti la giubba”, CANIO; 27. Organ repair sites, for short, ERS; 28. Like some coats, WIRY; 29. Fine point, NICETY; 30. Land of Million Elephants, LAOS; 31. Bill, BEAK; 32. Printing press parts, INKERS; 35. A cappella group part, ALTO; 36. Joe-PYE weed (herbal remedy); 39. Perfume, in a way, CENSE; 40. Suffix with techno-, CRAT; 41. 1930s Royales, REOS; 42. EWES milk; 43. Be fourth in an order, BAT CLEAN-UP; 45. Union and others: Abbr., STAS; 46. “Well done!”, I LIKED THAT; 47. Reveled, HAD A BLAST; 49. In Key West it’s known as the Overseas Hwy., U S ONE; 50. “You’re probably going to get me, but go ahead”, OK I’LL BITE; 51. They result from catching bugs, COLDS; 52. Set sail, WENT TO SEA; 53. Break off a relationship, END IT.

Down: 1. School in the Patriot League, COLGATE; 2. Well-suited?, IN ARMOR; 3. Bad traits for conductors, TIN EARS; 4. Aloe target, perhaps, ECZEMA; 5. Silas who was the United States’ first foreign diplomat (1776), DEANE; 6. Bicep builders’ accessories, CURL BARS; 7. Process of mountain building, OROGENY; 8. Walt Disney has more of these than anyone else, OSCARS; 9. Great LAKES; 10. Post-punk genre, EMO; 11. Returns, as from a high level, DIPS BACK; 12. Makeup of some jokes, ONE LINE; 13. Briefly, FOR A BIT; 14. Stereotypical college drinker, FRAT BOY; 22. OB’s perform them, AMNIOS; 26. Bye for an Italian soccer team?, CIAO; 28. Suffix with kitchen, WARE; 29. Irk, NETTLE; 30. Factor in a more healthful diet, perhaps, LESS SALT; 31. Food item once used as currency in Mongolia, BLACK TEA; 32. Event with pairs and eights, ICE SHOW; 33. Fresh angle, NEW TAKE; 34. Add gradually, as to dough, KNEAD IN; 35. Virtuoso, ARTISTE; 36. Certain table tennis grip, PEN-HOLD; 37. 1941 Glenn Miller hit that spent five weeks at #1, YOU AND I; 38. Zener cards are used in it, ESP TEST; 40. City on the Strait of Dover, CALAIS; 41. Outs, in a way, RATS ON; 43. “The Hobbit” character, BILBO; 44. Draw forth, EDUCE; 48. It can come on white, briefly, BLT.


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