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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Puzzle by Xan Vongsathorn, edited by Will Shortz

ANT crammed into five squares (or not), along with PEST CONTROL (57D. With 65-Across, extermination … or what can be done to 10 answers in this puzzle without affecting their clues?), comprises the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

8A. They may have titles, PAGES and PAGE[ANT]S
16A. Enemy encounter, COMBAT and COMBAT[ANT]
32A. Absolutely terrific, FABULOUS and F[ANT]ABULOUS
40A. Gets upset, AGONIZES and [ANT]AGONIZES
58A. Pole position?, ARCTIC and [ANT]ARCTIC

7D. Set upon a slope, say, SLED and SL[ANT]ED
12D. Something that might work on a full stomach?, ACID and [ANT]ACID
20D. Trig function, SEC and SEC[ANT]
29D. Yankee fighter, GI and GI[ANT]
45D. Cry at a poker game, maybe, I WIN and I W[ANT] IN

Other seven-letter entries -- ARRIVAL (14A. Landing), ERASURE (63A. Name-dropping, maybe), EROTICA (17A. Unlikely section in a religious bookstore), IKEBANA (37A. Japanese flower-arranging art), INBUILT (62A. Congenital), JIMJAMS (1A. Heebie-jeebies), MEDEVAC (15A. Expensive way to the hospital), and maybe the only way in Afghanistan, HERE, ME FIRST (39A Selfish, as an attitude), REJECTS (60A. Unpopular ones), ROSANNE (23D. Cash in the music business), STUFF IT (24D. “Shut up already!”).

Five and six -- ANSEL (53D. Photographer Adams), EVIAN and WATER (11D. Big brand of 55-Across, 55A. See 11-Down), FORAY (42A. Plundering opportunity), GALAS (29A. Bashes), GET ME (10D. “See what I mean!”), HESSE (19A. “The Glass Bead Game” novelist), INTRO (52D. Many a freshman course), IRONS (2D. Fetters), ISSUE (45A. Appearance of O or W), JACKS (1D. 10 superiors), MATHIS (6D. His 1959 album “Heavenly” was #1 for five weeks), MR MET (3D. Citi Field mascot), NESTED (64A. Stored compactly, in a way), PEREC (50D. Georges with the best seller “Life: A User’s Manual”), RECUR (51D. Arise anew), SCANS (13D. Optical readings), SENDS (24A. Asks for), SERBS (47D. Some Balkanites), SHANE (46D. Title film character who’s idolized by a boy named Joey), TORERO (44D. Picadors assist him), UNCUT (48D. Full-length).

Short stuff -- ABE, ACT, ADO, AKA and AVA, CHAT, DABO, DOS, ERST, FAZE, HAMS, JAN, JIBE, KNEE and LEG, Ali, the LION of God, MAIN, MES, NIL, NLER, ORR, PERE, RIA, RIDE (23A. Teacups, e.g.) , SPOT, SST, STY, TIE and TIN, USA, WHEN, WILD.

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Remaining clues -- ACROSS: 18. Last word in “Oh! Susanna”; 21. Lead; 22. High flier, once, 25. Bashes; 26. Web ___; 43. D-back or Card; 44. Biscuit holder; 49. Locate, as Waldo; 51. Narrow inlet; 54. “Say ___”; 57. An Ivy. DOWN: 4. See eye to eye; 5. Gardner of “Mogambo”; 8. A Dumas; 9. Hullabaloo; 15. “___ amis …” (start of a French oration); 25. Actress Olivia of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”; 27. Soupy Sales and others; 28. Former Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___; 30. Letters between two names; 31. Yours may be asleep while you’re awake; 34. CBS newsman Bob; 35. NATO founding member; 36. Trough location; 38. Goose egg; 41. Once, once; 55. Like eights in crazy eights; 56. Don’t just sit there; 59. Distinctive Dilbert feature; 61. M.L.K. Day month.

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