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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Puzzle by Robert H. Wolfe, edited by Will Shortz

Today's crossword is essentially four small puzzles joined in the center by a few letters. Divided by four big black "hammers", each quarter needs to be solved separately. This is the seventh New York Times crossword of this type over the past two years, e.g., a quadrupuzzle -- in fact, the 10.31.09 crossword has the same constructor and the exact same grid -- HERE.

Puzzle 1 (Upper Left) -- Across: 1. Early 1990s first lady’s first name, RAISA; 13. Group member from the time of Jesus, ESSENE; 16. Mushroom supporters, STIPES; 18. Repetitive rebuke, TUT TUT; 20. What goes on?, ATTIRE; 22. Units in nuclear physics, FERMIS; 24. They may be full of hot air, FLUES; 26. Rubber stamp, YES MAN. Down: 1. Fill positions differently, RESTAFF; 2. With sapience, ASTUTELY; 3. “Really?”, IS IT TRUE; 4. Defensive fencing positions in which the top of the blade is pointed at the opponent’s knee, SEPTIMES; 5. Arterial problem: Var., ANEURISM; 14. Eleanor who wrote “The Hundred Dresses”, ESTES.

Puzzle 2 (Upper Right) -- Across: 6. Cross, PETTISH; 15. Chosen as a career, GONE INTO; 17. Without any wood or plastic, say, ALL METAL; 19. Untrustworthy, SLIPPERY; 21. A conductor may have it memorized, BUS LINE; 23. Serves, ATTENDS; 25. Sigmoid architectural feature, OGEE. Down: 6. They’re not green, POLLUTERS; 7. New face on base, ENLISTEE; 8. Congregation location, TEMPLE; 9. Dapper Dan’s doodad, TIE PIN; 10. Destine, INTEND; 11. They’re often drawn on the street, STARES; 12. Like an 8-Down, HOLY.

Puzzle 3 (Lower Left) -- Across: 33. Skipping syllables, TRAS; 37. Momentum, IMPETUS; 42. Kings Henry I and Stephen, NORMANS; 44. Spasm-relieving alkaloid, ATROPINE; 46. Mexican and Indian, e.g., CUISINES; 48. People working with logs?, ENTERERS; 50. Folks going through leaves, READERS. Down: 25. How most sleds are mounted, ON RUNNERS; 27. Goal getter, ATTAINER; 34. Value, ASSESS; 37. Pleasant way to play, IN TUNE; 38. Swank’s co-star in “The Next Karate Kid”, MORITA; 39. Wrote an essay, say, PROSED; 40. Persia, e.g., once, EMPIRE; 44. One not allowing a volley, ACER.

Puzzle 4 (Lower Right) -- Across:  28. One getting hit on?, REEFER; 35. Acoustic measures, SONES; 41. Play the flute, TOOTLE; 43. Oxide used in television tubes, YTTRIA; 45. Feast, REPAST; 47. Spinachlike potherb, ORACHE; 49. Parents’ hiree, SITTER; 51. Its openings are often studied, CHESS. Down: Way out there, ESOTERIC; 30. Way to walk, FOOTPATH; 31. Dramatic break, ENTR’ACTE; 32. Fancies, RELISHES; 36. Those who put you in your place?, SEATERS; 41. Pros’ opposites, TYROS.

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