01.09.10 -- In the Land of Uz

The book of Job portrays, Job, an upright man from Uz, who suffers the loss of his family and his health and deeply laments this unforeseen calamity. Job cries out in despair and accuses God of forsaking and unfairly punishing him. In the depth of his despair, he rejects the ‘reasoning’ of his religious friends who view God as a punishing God of justice. His struggles lead him to a transformed vision of God as the almighty and majestic God and creator of the universe.

22-Across -- “How OFT is the candle of the wicked put out!“: Job 21:17


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puzzle by Chuck Deodene, edited by Will Shortz

Yea!, that’s a long way to go, as oft may hap for a clue for OFT!

Across: 1. Fugitive-hunting Fed, U S MARSHAL; 10. 2000 U.S. Open winner, SAFIN; 15. “E.T.” follower, PHONE HOME; 16. Free sample, say, PROMO; 17. Local assessment, COUNTY TAX; 18. Plume hunter’s prey, EGRET; 19. Antisocial type, LONER; 20. Type with finesse, DIPLOMAT; 22. “How OFT is the candle of the wicked put out!”: Job 21:17; 23. Like some thin fibers, OPTICAL; 26. Not quite none, in Naples, UNO; 27. Yacht spot, SLIP; 29. Reason for a lighter conviction?, ARSON; 30. Like many smoothies, GLIB; 31. View spoiler, EYESORE; 33. Chronicle, NARRATE; 35. Crutch, AID; 36. Social type, TEA; 37. Get down, SWALLOW; 41. Where some touchdowns are made, HELIPAD; 45. Detriment, HARM; 46. Popular piercing site, NAVEL; 48. Orchestra alternative, LOGE; 49. Where organs may be repaired, briefly, ORS; 50. It stores fish in a pouch, PELICAN; 52. Set of utensils, KIT; 53. It has a dark side, in sci-fi, THE FORCE; 55. “ODE TO My Family” (Cranberries song); 57. Corral, PEN IN; 58. Its logo is a rubber-band ball, OFFICEMAX; 61. Spring, ARISE; 62. Counted raised hands, say, TOOK A VOTE; 63. See 7-Down, ROCKS; 64. Like many avenues, TREE-LINED.

Uno, uno, uno, tre…

Down: 1. In one’s face, UP CLOSE; 2. Pennsylvania Dutch pie, SHOOFLY; 3. Enduring symbol of Canada, MOUNTIE; 4. Last of the Stuarts, ANNE; 5. In once more, RETRO; 6. Lacking, SHY; 7. With 63-Across, 1972 Rolling Stones “greatest hits” album, HOT; 8. Knight of medieval literature, AMADIS; 9. Defining work, LEXICON; 10. What a 9-Down might help you do, SPELL; 11. Galley of myth, ARGO; 12. H2O, e.g., FORMULA; 13. “For real!”, I MEAN IT; 14. Opposite of destined, NOT TO BE; 21. Smoke that’s not thick, PANATELA; 24. “The Canterbury Tales” charlatan, PARDONER; 25. 26-Across and 26-Across and 26-Across, TRE; 28. The last one begins “Praise ye the Lord”, PSALM; 32. Permian Basin yield, OIL; 34. Sister’s study: Abbr., REL; 37. Met the course standard, SHOT PAR; 38. Bronze Star recipient, WAR HERO; 39. One of the metalloids, ARSENIC; 40. Literature Nobelist Derek WALCOTT; 41. TV’s “HEC Ramsey”; 42. Collectible card creatures, POKEMON; 43. Shake, AGITATE; 44. Quit using, DETOXED; 47. Try to win, VIE FOR; 51. Lite as can be, NO-CAL; 54. 1972 A.L. Rookie of the Year, FISK; 56. Supreme Hindu goddess, DEVI; 59. One to go up against, FOE; 60. Memorable 2008 Gulf hurricane, IKE

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jneaves said...

7 down clue is misleading - should be 1971 instead of 1972

DONALD said...


Right you are!

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