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Beverly Sills by Al Hirschfeld


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz

Today’s New York Times crossword puzzle is a wonderful homage, an ARIA (40D “Sempre libera” e.g.) to LYRIC (29D (With 39-Across, 21-/28-Across, for one) SOPRANO (39A See 29-Down) BEVERLY (21A With 28-Across, a late, great entertainer) SILLS (28A See 21-Across).

Included are four roles Beverly Sills performed -- CLEOPATRA (17A 1966 Lincoln Center role for 21-/28-Across); VIOLETTA (11D “La Traviata” role for 21-/28-Across); LUCIA (48A 1970 Covent Garden title role for 21-/28-Across); and ROSALINDE (62A 1955 “Die Fledermaus” debut role for 21-/28-Across); along with BUBBLES (58A Childhood nickname of 21-/28-Across) and COSTUMES (38D Stage wear for 21-/28-Across); and, of course, ARIA.

David J. Kahn has constructed a crossword puzzle that is a beautiful tribute to the memory of a great performer.



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Anonymous said...

Donald, great choice today to illustrate Bubbles Sills. May she and Al Hirschfeld both rest in peace.

Linda G said...

I didn't know that a variety of Iris had been named for Ms. Sills. Nice photo...thanks.

And thanks for the link.

DONALD said...


Beverly Sills was always so cheerful and positive, thought the Hirschfeld was the right note -- his caricatures spoke volumes!

DONALD said...

Linda G

It is quite a beautiful iris, isn't it!