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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Puzzle by Jim Page, edited by Will Shortz

I try to refrain from issuing my humble opinion when commenting on the crossword of the day, but I just can't keep my fingers from dancing on the keys! Be that as it may, one impulse I have come to control is to not describe my own solving experience. I mean, who cares? As far as I’m concerned, fellow solvers can hang upside-down like bats in a cave and chip their answers into the stone walls, or they can claim to have solved the puzzle by ESP without ever having looked at it, much less put pen to puzzle. It is a little more difficult to keep from expressing my non-humble opinions, although I refuse to nitpick with picayune personal preferences exhorting with caustic critique, whether IMHO or IMO! Oh, by the way, this is a great Saturday crossword puzzle from master constructor Jim Page!

Words I liked today: MATAHARI (8D 1932 Garbo title role) -- I saw Greta Garbo incognito in person at MOMA; ABRA (25D Julie Harris’s “East of Eden” role) -- absolutely one of my favorite films, and Julie Harris’ appearances on Broadway always attracted me; and CALLAHAN (31D Eastwood played him in five films) -- good old Dirty Harry! Also liked CRUSTACEA (4D Water fleas, barnacles, etc.); SAMISEN (13D Banjolike Japanese instrument); HEPTADS (35D Water polo teams, e.g.) ; and the acronyms ASPCA and AWACS.

Marlon Brando, Julie Harris and James Dean in 1955

EVERYONE (10D Who’s a critic?) has heard of the woes of hiring contractors, and today they COMEUNDERFIRE (31A Face attack) as they STRIVE (2D Fight) to finish AHEADOFSCHEDULE (51A Early), but our crossword constructor has a PLOT (44A It might consist of a 19-Across), ACRES (19A Parcel part) CAMPED (6A Settled down securely) with references such as INTERNS (12A They’re often unpaid), OWEDON (41. As yet uncollected for), materials such as TINTEDGLASS (16D Auto option) to PRECOLOR (9D Give shades to in advance), CORRUGATED STEEL (15A Construction material) to REVET (20A Face with stone) a SCALAR (43D Graduated) STOA (24A Feature of some classical architecture), while installing ACS (7D Filter holders, briefly) for a MEATCASE (33D Thighs may be displayed in it) to display EROTICA ((34D Thighs may be displayed in it) -- double-clued in the classical Shortzesque manner -- SISI (49A “You betcha, Bartolome!”), a little mischief while OFF CAMERA (30D So as to avoid getting shot) while in the process of EDITS (17A Applies polish to?), DELETES (11D Strikes), or issuing a STET (47D Galley countermand) for an OBSOLETE (32D Out) RECTO (14D Leaf part) -- watch out for the fine print!

ACROSS: 1. Adoption option: Abbr.; 6. Settled down securely; 12. They’re often unpaid; 14. Do further work on a bird?; 15. Construction material; 17. Applies polish to?; 18. Some sit on pads; 19. Parcel part; 20. Face with stone; 21. It may be usurious: Abbr.; 22. Waite____, Hall-of-Fame Yankees pitcher; 23. Hospital supplies; 24. Feature of some classical architecture; 26. Fragrant heartwood; 27. James Bay native; 29. Five atoms in a ulexite molecule; 31. Face attack; 35. Writ introduction?; 36. 1988 tennis Grand Slam winner; 37. Actress Pataky; 38. Cockney greeting; 40. Relatives of pollocks; 44. It might consist of a 19-Across; 45. Become full; 46. High-tech surveillance acronym; 48. Soapstone, say; 49. “You betcha, Bartolome!”; 50. “_____ Work” (George F. Will best seller); 51. Early; 54. Some bygone roadsters; 55. Blue Angels member, e.g.; 56. Fluish, perhaps; 57. Less like a yo-yo

DOWN: 1 Some poles; 2. Fight; 3. Relatively fresh; 4. Water fleas, barnacles, etc.; 5. Lee of Hollywood; 6. Grant; 7. Filter holders, briefly; 8. 1932 Garbo title role; 9. Give shades to in advance; 10. Who’s a critic; 11. Strikes; 12. Certain rose creator; 13. Banjolike Japanese instrument; 14. Leaf part; 16. Auto option; 25. Julie Harris’s “East of Eden” role; 28. Machination; 30. So as to avoid getting shot; 31. Eastwood played him in five films; 32. Out; 33. Thighs may be displayed in it; 34. Thighs may be displayed in it; 35. Water polo teams, e.g.; 39. Conductor Segerstam and novelist Enger; 41. As yet uncollected for; 42. It rises in the Black Forest; 43. Graduated; 47. Galley countermand; 49. Sharp rival; 52. Old washday choice; 53. The Platters’ “____ Mine”

Illustrations from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" (1927), the crowd, eyes, and the clock machine; Greta Garbo silhouette; and Julie Harris with friends


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