06.20.11 — Angst and Anatomy


Monday, June 20, 2011

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

SKIN, MOUTH, HEART and LIVER found in the answers of the hyphenated THIN-SKINNED (17A. Easily offended), MEALY-MOUTHED (28A. Inclined to mince words), FAINT-HEARTED (46A. Lacking courage) and LILY-LIVERED (62A. Cowardly) constitutes the interrelated group of this pleasantly-hyper Monday crossword.

Other — INSIDE JOB (34D. Employee-abetted crime), MATINEE (28D. Show for the early-to-bed crowd), MOTORHOME (11D. Accommodations for a family on the go?), WETLAND (22D. Marshy habitat).

Six-letter — ACTUAL, DEPOSE, ELEVEN, EYELET, HAMILL (47D. Champion figure skater Dorothy), HASSLE, IN PLAY, ISRAEL, LASSIE (5D. Timmy‘s TV dog), LIES TO, RANDOM, SNOWED.

Five — ACHOO, ADDED, ARROW, CONKS, CYNIC (38A. One with a negative outlook on life), DECAY, ELSIE (42A. Dairy spokescow), ERRED, GEESE (53D. Birds in a gaggle), GLORY, HATCH, OTTER (26A. Playful swimmer), STING, YENTA.

Right:  A statue of Cato the Younger. The Louvre Museum. He is about to kill himself while reading the Phaedo, a dialogue of Plato which details the death of Socrates. The statue was begun by Jean-Baptiste Roman (Paris, 1792 - 1835) using white Carrara marble. It was finished by François Rude (Dijon, 1784 - Paris, 1855).


Short stuff — AGA and AGO, AGEE and ALEE, AMIE, AOL, ARLO and ARNO, AVON, BIB, BLTS, CATO (40D. “Elder” or “Younger” statesman), CHEF, CHIA, DYED, ELK, ERIE, ETC, HOG, HULA, HUNT, IDS, IMP, LAB, MAGI, MARC, MAY, MERE, If NEED be, NODS, ODD, OVA, RAE, RAID, REPO, RYES, SMEE, STAB, SUNK, TAJ Mahal, TSA, TUG (27D. Pull sharply), WONK, YANK (13D. Pull sharply).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Big bother; 7. Folk singer Guthrie; 11. Month of the Indianapolis 500; 14. Bona fide; 15. Attach on the fridge, say; 16. Future embryos; 19. Whole lot; 20. Hits on the noggin; 21. Signals silently; 22. Policy expert; 23. Greedy type; 24. Little trickster; 32. ___ Pet (sprouting figurine); 35. Filmdom’s “Norma ___”; 36. Old ___ (U.S. flag); 37. Scavenge (for); 41. French female friend; 44. Air passenger protection org.; 50. Tooth problem; 51. Yahoo! Alternative; 52. Respectful Turkish title; 55. Peter Pan pursuer; 57 Trifling; 59. Got it wrong; 64. Long, long ___; 65. Sheltered at sea; 66. Force out of office; 67. Protective wear in a highchair; 68. Nonvegetarian sandwiches, informally; 69. Caused some winter havoc, maybe. — DOWN: 1. Emerge from an egg; 2. Sound heard before “Gesundheit!”; 3. Police trap; 4. Shipwrecked; 6. Fraternal lodge member; 7. River through Florence; 8. Haphazard; 9. Is dishonest with; 10. Unusual; 12. River beside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre; 18. Like a fair ball as opposed to a foul ball; 22. Marshy habitat; 25. Painter Chagall; 29. Busybody; 30. Southernmost of the Great Lakes; 31. Not naturally colored; 32. Food processor?; 33. Luau dance; 39. Zionist’s homeland; 43. And so forth, for short; 48. Place for a lace; 49. 7’s retail partner?; 52. Valentine piercer; 54. Did sums; 55. Attack with a dagger; 56. Biblical gift bearers; 58. Deli loaves; 60. Property after a default, for short; 62. Chem class component; 63.Passports and driver’s licenses, in brief.

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