06.03.11 — Frightful Friday

Friday, June 3, 2011

Puzzle by Jeffrey Wechsler / Edited by Will Shortz

Degree of difficulty for a crossword relies heavily on the distance between definition and answer and most of this frightful Friday crossword is pretty far out! Of course, obscurity of an answer can be a real poser also, and there is no lack of same today!  So... let’s have it!

Across — 1. Launch time?, SPACE AGE; 9. Found to be legal, in a way, CARDED; 15. Voicer of Underdog on TV, WALLY COX; 16. Voicer of Ego in “Ratatouille”, O'TOOLE; 17. Children’s song that’s based on an old work song, ALOUETTE; 18. Like many countries’ rulers, METRIC; 19. The unwashed, PLEBS; 20. She hid Zeus from Cronus, RHEA; 22. Suffix with senor, ITA; 23. Generic addressees, SIRS; 24. Chilly shower setting?, BATES MOTEL; 27. Kind of milk, OAT; 28. Set upon, HAVE AT; 29. “King Richard II” lord, ROSS; 30. Subject of a museum in eastern Colorado, UTE; 31. Is not longer, USED TO BE; 33. Without any embroidery, TERSE; 35. Passes out slowly, OOZES; 39. Misanthrope who says “We are all born mad. Some remain so”, ESTRAGON; 45. In OVO (embryonic); 46. Alternative to being tapped PSST; 49. It might make drinkers blush, WINERY; 50. Convention lengthener?, EER; 51. Great ape?, RICH LITTLE; 53. It often goes out with a bang, STAR; 54. “I think,” briefly, IMO; 55. Literally, “barley”, ORZO; 56. They’re no rain-makers, CIRRI; 57. Many a khan, MONGOL; 59. Wheatworm, e.g., NEMATODE; 62. Crate, ENCASE; 63. Chemist’s relatives?, ISOTOPES; 64. Thought, DEEMED; 65. Other side, OPPONENT.

Down — 1. Exchanges, SWAPS OUT; 2. Ease, PALLIATE; 3. Winner of gold in four consecutive Olympics, 1956-68, AL OERTER; 4. Set for juggling, CLUBS; 5. They’re seen on both sides of bridges, EYES; 6. More than talk, ACT; 7. Confounded, GOT; 8. Like effort and influence, EXERTED; 9. Wakes, COMES TO; 10. Superior group, A-TEAM; 11. Gobbledygook, ROT; 12. Tasty triangle, DORITO; 13. Superior groups, ELITES; 14. They might provide coverage for racecars, DECALS; 21. Track meet event, HEAT; 24. Coll. Acquisitions, BAS; 25. Mediterranean or Baltic: Abbr., AVE; 26. Kind of pie or cake, OREO; 28. They can be saturated, HUES; 32. Really thin, BONY; 34. Biblical 912-year-old, SETH; 36. Spinning device giving the illusion of motion, ZOETROPE; 37. Principal player in “Grease”, EVE ARDEN; 38. Superlatively sad, SORRIEST; 40. Spun, TWIRLED; 41. Brand of munchables, RITZ; 42. Composer Vivaldi, ANTONIO; 43. Do stuff, GEL; 44. Part of the underground economy?, ORE; 46. Ready, PRIMED; 47. She had a 1959 hit with “I Loves You, Porgy”, SIMONE; 48. Wall fixture, SCONCE; 52. Laissez-faire, LOOSE; 53. Keep hush-hush, SIT ON; 56. Foe of Caesar, CATO; 58. What a floozy might show off, GAM; 60. Picking up power?, ESP; 61. Job for a barber, MOP.

"We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?" ~ Norman Bates, “Psycho”


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