07.02.12 — French Connections


Monday, July 2, 2012

Puzzle by Bernice Gordon / Edited by Will Shortz

Four French writers connected to anagrams of their names resulting in phrases etranges constitutes the interrelated group of this fine Monday crossword.

SARTRE’S ARREST (20A. French writer’s apprehension by the police?)
PROUST’S STUPOR (25A. French writer’s state of drunkenness?)
LESAGE’S EAGLES (43A. French writer’s two-under-par holes?)
RACINE’S CARNIE (49A. French writer’s boardwalk booth operator?)

Other — ABASES, AMORES (5D. Ovid‘s book of love poetry), ENCODE (45D. Put in a secret language), HIGH NOTE (37D. It may be hit by a soprano), NARRATES (9D. Gives an account), NO HELP, SAC FLY (44D. Run-scoring hit that puts the batter out), SELECT.


Short stuff — AFAR, AGAR, AMOS, ANTI (58A. Prefix with disestablishmentarianism), AOL, APE, AREA, ASH, AXIS, BAG, Corn on the COB, EARL of Sandwich, EAT, EAVE, ELL, END, ERRS, ETAS, EXIT, HEC, HIND, INRE, IOTA, IQS, IRAQ, ISEE, JEFF, JET, LESS is more“, NAIL, NAPE, NBA, OINK, ORK, OXEN, PEN, PER, RAP, REAR, ROUE, SEAS, SSE, TATA, THUD, TROY, TSAR, WADS, “What WAS I thinking?!”, WIPE, XMAS.


How about a few more? ...
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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Lighted sign over a doorway; 5. Dam on the Nile; 120. Back of the neck; 14. Famous ___ cookies; 15. Stiller’s partner in comedy; 16. Plow pullers; 17. “Bye for now”; 18. Like George W. vis-à-vis Jeb Bush; 19. Backside; 23. 1970s TV’s “___ Ramsey”; 24. Tech company spun off from Time Warner; 32. Leafy vegetable; 33. “That’s clear”; 34. Offering from Lil Jon or Fat Joe; 36. Pig sound; 37. Abuses, as a fraternity pledge; 39. Rain gutter site; 40. Sack; 41. Run a towel over; 42. Adjust, as a hem; 47. Burnt part; 48. LeBron James’s org.; 56. Actor Bridges of “The Big Lebowski”; 57. Crème-filled cookies; 61. Swap; 62. Saddam Hussein’s land; 63. “Iliad” locale; 64. Double curves. — DOWN: 1. Have a meal; 2. Dec. 25; 3. Tiniest bit of the Greek alphabet?; 4. Former St. Petersburg royal; 6. Choose; 7. Hunks of chewing tobacco; 8. Locale; 10. Useless; 11. Germany, Italy and Japan, in W.W. II; 12. Cooped (up); 13. Conclusion; 21. Sound of a heavy fall; 22. Womanizer; 26. Where cowboys once sang “Oh, give me a home”; 27. Mork’s birthplace, on TV; 28. Small, medium and large; 29. NNW’s opposite; 30. Speechify; 31. Parties that might have glow-in-the-dark freebies; 35. The “p” in r.p.m.; 38. Zoo animal that beats its chest; 39. 90° turn; 42. Actor John of “Sands of Iwo Jima”; 46. Humiliates; 49. Backside; 50. Jackson 5 hairdo; 51 Blunders; 52. Caribbean and Mediterranean; 53. Finger’s tip; 54. Concerning, on a memo; 55. Flight board postings, for short; 56. MetLife Stadium footballer; 59. Figs. For geniuses.


Anonymous said...

French writer's reaction to corked wine?

Hugo's O! Ugh!

French writer's trademarked livery service?

Honore's Ed [i]and[/i] Al's Cabz

French writer wondering if it's cool enough for his hoodie?

Que let voile d' Alexis?

French writer's favorite spice?

Camus' sumac

French writer's bravura?

Verne's nerve

Anonymous said...

Forgot one:

French writer's rant at his paramour?

de Voltaire's love tirade