07.06.12 — The Friday Puzzle

Friday, July 6, 2012

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

This exasperating Friday crossword is actually five small crosswords with nominal connection between them and clues equally disconnected from the answers.

Across Popular gifts that make a distinctive sound when shaken, JIGSAWS; 8. Go after little things, NITPICK; 15. Common source of talk, AM RADIO; 16. “Just be calm …”, BREATHE; 17. Ones left holding their bags?, MAILMEN; 18. “Your guess is as good as mine”, CAN’T SAY; 19. Kemper of “The Office”, ELLIE; 20. Like many a barren landscape, OCHRE; 21. Start to kneel?, SILENT K; 24. Leatherneck, JARHEAD; 26. Forge fixture, OVEN; 27. Dodge with a V-10 engine, VIPER; 29. It’s written from right to left, URDU; 30. Snuggery, NEST; 31. Hit hard, SMITE; 32. Tiniest objection, PEEP; 33. Colloquial patriarch, POPPA; 34. Wastes, OFFS; 38. Wee hour, ONE AM; 39. “Don’t take my criticism seriously”, I KID; 43. Redistribution of wealth?, LOAN; 44. “Vissi d’arte” singer, TOSCA; 45. Blue NILE; 46. Writer who coined the word “nerd”, DR. SEUSS; 48. Tap, as for luck, KNOCK ON; 50. Red giant, C STAR; 51. Specialty of Edmond Hoyle, WHIST; 52. Cuts to pieces, HACKS UP; 55. Quickly approach, SPEED TO; 57. “Mountain Music” band, ALABAMA; 58. Corral, FENCE IN; 59. Annually, PER YEAR; 60. Horror movie sights, CASKETS.

Down — Irish whiskey brand, JAMESON; 2. Title of hits for Neil Diamond, Celine Dion and the Electric Light Orchestra, I’M ALIVE; 3. Distinctive Cadillac features, GRILLES; 4. Outstanding, SALIENT; 5. Jingle producers, ADMEN; 6. Golfer Michelle WIE; 7. Little guy, SON; 8. Airer of “Dr. Kildare” and “Mr. Novak”, NBC; 9. Bit of finan. Planning, IRA; 10. Tannhäuser, for one, TENOR; 11. Mend, PATCH UP; 12. Sign at a store with a hard-to-find item, IT’S HERE; 13. Going through the motions?, CHARADE; 14. Nervous, KEYED UP; 22. They’re often skipped on recordings, TV SPOTS; 23. T-shaped robes, KIMONOS; 24. Futuristic means of locomotion, JET PACK; 25. Local, in a news story, AREA MAN; 28. Vocal skill, informally, PIPES; 34. London gent, OLD CHAP; 35. Available, FOR SALE; 36. Stereotypical purchase of a guy in midlife crisis, FAST CAR; 37. Just make the cut, SNEAK BY; 39. Under control, IN CHECK; 40. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” singer, 1976, KIKI DEE; 41. What happened “at the Movies” in a 1985 Pauline Kael title, I LOST IT; 42. Dr. DENTON’S; 47. URSAE Majoris; 49. Voice actor Gary OWENS; 53. Actress Thurman, UMA; 54. Shooter’s target, PAR; 55. Platoon V.I.P. SFC; 56. Shooter’s item, PEA.


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