06.15.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Baobab tree at sunset, Africa


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Puzzle by Ned White / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Place to pick vegetables, SALAD BAR; 9. With 25-Across, it has a huge trunk, BAOBAB; 15. C-worthy, ADEQUATE; 16. Ancient abstainer, ESSENE; 17. Buzzer sounded during a match, VUVUZELA; 18. Small house of the Southwest, CASITA; 19. Whence Parmenides, ELEA; 20. Bubkes, ZILCH; 22. See 23-Across, ON IT; 23. With 22-Across, quits dragging, STEPS; 25. See 9-Across, TREE; 27. Special recognition?, ESP; 28. They result when solidly hit baseballs are caught, LOUD OUTS; 31. Royale maker, REO; 32. Major cleanups follow them, DISASTERS; 35. Starting catcher in every All-Star Game from 1964 to 1967, TORRE; 37. Name meaning “God is with us”, EMANUEL; 38. Go, HEAD OUT; 40. Four French quarters?, ANNEE; 41. They’re likely to result in broken limbs, ICE STORMS; 43. Claptrap, ROT; 44. Prey for gray wolves, MULE DEER; 46. It has a Bridges and Tunnels div., MTA; 47. “Home away from home” sloganeer, ELAL; 48. “Until next time”, SEE YA; 52. Vindictive Quaker of fiction, AHAB; 54. Like unabridged dictionaries, THICK; 57. Angel, e.g., for short, ALER; 58. Wonder Lake’s national park, DENALI; 60. It stays the same, CONSTANT; 62. Site of a 1944 British Army defeat, ARNHEM; 63. Nourishing stuff, ALIMENTS; 64. Treating badly, MEAN TO; 65. “S.N.L.” segment, SATURDAY.

Samson and Delilah by Guercino, 1654 (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Strasbourg)

Down — 1. Takes into account?, SAVES; 2. No longer in the minority, ADULT; 3. Bad thing to be breached, LEVEE; 4. Water board, AQUAPLANE; 5. Old brand that promised “white white washes without red hands”, DUZ; 6. Guthrie’s follower at Woodstock, BAEZ; 7. Hun king, in myth, ATLI; 8. Frequent tour guide, REALTOR; 9. Saxophone great Sidney BECHET; 10. White sheet insert?, AS A; 11. Fêmur, por exemplo, OSSO; 12. Goof, BE IN ERROR; 13. Herpetologist’s supply, ANTISERUM; 14. Six Gallery reading participants, BEAT POETS; 21. Like some garlic and egos, CRUSHED; 24. “I goofed … big whoop”, SO SUE ME; 26. Heir restoration targets?, ESTATES; 29. Gas hog, briefly, UTE; 30. Lock remover of old?, DELILAH; 32. Formal opening, DEAR MADAM; 33. Answering machine notification, I’M NOT HERE; 34. 1836 siege leader, SANTA ANNA; 38. Sole mate?, ODOR EATER; 39. Journal ender, ESE; 42. Some Toyotas, CELICAS; 45. Last month, ULTIMO; 49. Ethiopian grazer, ELAND; 50. Gossip girl, YENTA; 51 Like craft fairs, ARTSY; 53. German way, BAHN; 55. Buzz on “The Simpsons,” e.g., COLA; 56. Use a ball winder, KNIT; 59. Cry from some judges, LET; 61. Conference USA member, for short, SMU.


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