Friday, July 5, 2013

Puzzle by Paula Gamache / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Utah’s WASATCH Range; 8. Snatches, KIDNAPS; 15. Where to check for prints?, ART SALE; 16. Kind of pie, SHOO FLY; 17. What a blog provides, SOAP BOX; 18. Cornish knight of the round table, TRISTAN; 18, Budd of Nancy, AMI; 20. “Ghost” character Brown, ODA MAE; 22. The working girl in “Working Girl”, TESS; 23. Euro dispenser, BANCO; 25. Freshwater predator, GAR; 26. Semester, e.g., TERM; 27. “That IS SO stupid!”; 28. Richard Gere title role, DR T; 29. Addresses shrilly, YAPS AT; 31. 1980s TV outfit, THE A TEAM; 34. “Am I TO blame?”; 35. Date shown on the tablet of the Statue of Liberty, JULY IV MDCCLXXVI; 39. Blood-typing system, ABO; 40. Converses, HAS A CHAT; 41. Situated near the middle line of the body, MESIAL; 43. Formed a junction, MET; 44. Gypsy people, ROMA; 48. $2 to $2,000, in Monopoly, RENT; 49. Actor Hamm of “Mad Men”, JON; 50. “The accuser of our brethren,” per Revelation, SATAN; 51. Digital imaging brand, AGFA; 52. SUNTAN oil; 54. Port vessel, TUG; 55. University of Cincinnati athlete, BEARCAT; 57. Former Colts arena, RCA DOME; 59. Bend backward, RECURVE; 60. J, F or K; INITIAL; 61. Turner backers, IKETTES; 62. Scale often used in a laboratory, CELSIUS.

Down — 1. Condiment that can make your eyes water, WASABI; 2. Coffee and fresh-baked cookies have them, AROMAS; 3. Adds color to, STAINS; 4. “Antony and Cleopatra” prop, ASP; 5. Banned, TABOO; 6. Lug, CLOD; 7. “I Ching” figures, HEXAGRAMS; 8. Orange dwarf, K STAR; 9. German possessive pronoun, IHRE; 10. “DO I ever!”; 11. Jet wing warning, NO STEP; 12. When to wear a cocktail dress, traditionally, AFTER SIX; 13. Sports bar feature, PLASMA TV; 14. Aid and abet: Abbr., SYNS; 21. Oscar winner once named Sexiest Man Alive by People, MATT DAMON; 24. 20th-century French leader, COTY; 26. Record label for the Miracles and Stevie Wonder, TAMLA; 28. Massachusetts governor, DEVAL Patrick; 29. Entry in an annual international sports competition since 1851, YACHT; 30. French pronoun, TOI; 32. Drum kit part, HI HAT; 33. Odd, ECCENTRIC; 35. Preserves, perhaps, JAM; 36. Epithet for a computer whiz, ÜBERGEEK; 37. Eat crow, LOSE FACE; 38. Bonus, in ads, XTRA; 42. Mired, IN A RUT; 45. Holy Roman emperor known as “The Red”, OTTO II; 46. Fighters for Kenyan independence, MAU MAU; 47. Little dears, ANGELS; 49. Early invaders of Britain, JUTES; 50. Slow racer, SNAIL; 51. Shelter dug into a hillside, ABRI; 52. Pitching stat, SAVE; 53. Middle school marks?, ACNE; 56. Monitor, for short, CRT; 58. Shakes, DTS.


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