07.02.13 — The Tuesday Crossword

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Puzzle by Daniel Raymon / Edited by Will Shortz

Five anagram pairs constitute the interrelated group of this pleasant Tuesday crossword:

YEMEN ENEMY (18A. Adversary on the Arabian Peninsula?)
ANGOLA ANALOG (24A. Something comparable in southern Africa?)
ALGERIA / REGALIA (38A. With 40-Across, royal emblems in North Africa?)
ISRAEL SERIAL (47A. TV show in the Mideast?)
NEPAL PLANE (57A. Part of an air force in south-central Asia?)

Other — ALTARS and SAY I DO (21D. Places where people 36-Across; 36A. Get married), BRINGING UP (3D. Mentioning in conversation), GOYA (27D. “The Naked Maja” or “The Clothed Maja”), PILGRIMAGE (30D. The fifth of the Five Pillars of Islam), ROSIE the Riveter.


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