08.21.14 — PO Boxes

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Puzzle by Jules P. Markey / Edited by Will Shortz

POST OFFICE BOXES (39A. Mail conveniences … or a hint to eight squares in this puzzle) and eight squares (e.g., boxes) containing the letters PO constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword:

[PO]LE [PO]SITION (18A. First place) with C-S[PO]T (5D. Benjamin) and SO[PO]RFIC (8D. Sleep-inducing)
[PO]SON [PO]WDER (61A. Means of murder in some Agatha Christie novels) with DE[PO]SE (48D. Testify) and S[PO]KE (58D. Umbrella part)
[PO]WER [PO]LITICS (4D. Throwing one’s weight around, in international relations) with TEM[PO] (1A. Pace) and TEA[PO]T (23A. Cozy thing?)
[PO]PCORN [PO]PPER (27D. Feature of many a movie house) with E[PO]NYM (26A. See 16-Across) and S[PO]NGE (53A. Freeloader)

Other — EXTENSIVE (36D. Large-scale), ISOLDE (57A. Wagnerian heroine), LA LA LA (6D. [I‘m not listening … I can’t he-e-ear you!]), MAKE A FIST (3D. Prepare to give blood, perhaps), MESNE (47A. Intermediate, in law), SHIITE (32A. Ayatollah Khomeini, e.g.), YETI (42A. Cryptozoological beast).


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