08.30.14 — The Saturday Crossword

The Raising of Lazarus, Rembrandt, 
late 1620s or 1630-32, Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. LOMBARD Street, London’s onetime equivalent to New York’s Wall Street; 8. Lurid nightspot, GO-GO BAR; 15. Synthetic purplish colorant, AZO BLUE; 16. Took too many courses?, OVERATE; 17. Vicks product, ZZZQUIL; 18. Rap type, GANGSTA; 19. Assn. with a “100 Years … 100 Movies” list, AFI; 20. Bygone Acura, INTEGRA; 22. Non-Roman Caesar, SID; 23. Have a dependency, RELY; 25. “Would you look at that!”, GOLLY; 26. Musical title character who “made us feel alive again”, MAME; 27. What the Sup. Court interprets, U S LAW; 29. “IKE in ‘56” (old campaign button); 30. Plantation machine, BALER; 31. Hid, STASHED; 33. Sybill Trelawney, in the Harry Potter books, SEERESS; 35. Gorp, e.g., MIX; 36. Like some projects for short, DIY; 37. Mesh with, FIT INTO; 41. Piece of trash?, JUNK ART; 45. Slightly ahead, UP ONE; 46.”NAE man can tether time or tide”: Burns; 48. Tim Tebow, in college football, GATOR; 49. “Sweet” girl of song, JANE; 50. Ones with issues?, PAPAS; 52. Person holding many positions, YOGI; 53. Ox-tail?, IDE; 54. Trattoria specification, AL DENTE; 56. Key holder?, MAP; 57. Mercury’s winged sandals, TALARIA; 59. Outlook alternative, AOL MAIL; 61. Parasite, SPONGER; 62. Cash in a country bar, ROSANNE; 63. Parallel bars?, UPC CODE; 64. Onetime “Lifts and separates” sloganeer, PLAYTEX.

Down — 1. “The Raising of LAZARUS” (Rembrandt painting); 2. Annual heavy metal tour; OZZFEST; 3. Big name in browsers, MOZILLA; 4. Popular chip flavor, BBQ; 5. Parisian possessive, ALUI; 6. Kicking oneself for, RUING; 7. Trapezius neighbor, DELTOID; 8. Welders’ wear, GOGGLES; 9. Egg maker, OVARY; 10. GENA Rowlands of “A Woman Under the Influence”; 11. Assn., ORG; 12. Beverage with a triangular logo, BASS ALE; 13. Occasionally, AT TIMES; 14. Kindles, e.g., READERS; 21. Pride : lion :: gang : ELK; 24. YASMINE Bleeth of Baywatch”; 26. Avon Competitor, MARY KAY; 28. “Do I have to!,” for one, WHINE; 30. Extraterrestrial, e.g., BEING; 32 Abbr. on a business card, EXT; 34. URL ender, EDU; 37. Japanese electronics giant, FUJITSU; 38. Download from Apple, IPAD APP; 39. “Funky Cold Medina” rapper, TONE LOC; 40. Not entirely of one’s own volition, say, ON A DARE; 41. “Cloud Shepherd” sculptor, JEAN ARP; 42. Ferocious Flea fighter, in cartoons, ATOM ANT; 43. Producer of a hair-raising experience?, ROGAINE; 44. Certain movie house, TRIPLEX; 47. Aldous Huxley’s “APE and Essence”; 50. Worked with, PLIED; 51. Common comedian’s prop, STOOL; 54. Best Picture before “12 Years a Slave”, ARGO; 55. Wife of Albert Einstein, ELSA; 58. Party concerned with civil rights, briefly, ANC; 60. “If I MAY …”.


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