08.02.15 — Literally Speaking

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Literally Speaking — Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg
Edited by Will Shortz

Arrangements of letters within standard phrases further defining the base phrase within the circled letters constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword:

CALLBACK (20A: Result of a successful audition)
SPLIT SECOND (25A: Instant)
TORN TO SHREDS (37A: In bits)
MINCEMEAT (46A: Kind of pie)
DRIFT APART (54A: Lose that loving feeling)
SCRAMBLED EGGS (62A: Diner offering)
MIXED MEDIA (72A: Art type)
HASH MARKS (83A: # # #)
INTERMINGLED (90A: Like 0's and 1's in binary)
FAST SHUFFLE (105A: Card sharp's deception)
UNBROKEN (112A: Whole)

Other — AD RATES (82D. They vary with circulation); ANODES (80A. Battery ends); DIGHT (64D. Adorn, in old literature); ELF (59D. Figure often dressed in green); HANKS (67D. “Big” star); LOTION (93D. Bottle in a beach bag); MALI (72D. Country once known as French Sudan); ME LIKE (92D. Informal approval)p OBEISANCE (4D. Acts of deference); OBESE (68D. Big, big, big); OKAY BY ME (24A. “Sure, that’s fine”); ORCA (31D. Boat in “Jaws”); PUBLIC ENEMY (3D. “No. 1” person); RATSO Rizzo of film; REPOT (1A. Move, as a plant); SHE-CAT (6D. Tom’s partner); SKID ROWS (9D. Lush locales); SKOSH (6A. Tiny bit); START A FIRE (71D. Rub some sticks together, as at camp); TWO-ROOM FLAT (66D. Smallish London lodgings). 


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