08.01.15 — The Saturday Crossword

Operation Castle thermonuclear test


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Puzzle by Kameron Austin Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — AREN’T I (48A. Defensive comeback), ENISLE (29D. Maroon); FREE UNION (32D. Cohabitation without marriage); FRIEND ZONE (32A. Relationship with unrequited love, in modern slang); HAPPY (26A. “Are you satisfied now?”); H BOMBS (9A. Big releases of the ‘50s); HOLY SYNOD (9D. Highest authority in some Eastern churches); LITTLE ONE (39A. Tot), MATCH POINT (3D. Situation in which one person might have the advantage);  NAÏVE ART (50A. Works of childlike simplicity); PAS MOI (23D. “Not me”: Fr.);  P A SYSTEM (56A. Principal means of address?); PEACH PIT (15A. Cobbler waste); QUIRED (42A. Put in bundles for the bookbinder); SCHLEPS (4D. Lugs);  SEXTED (30D. Sent pixxx?); THE WAILERS (38D. Original band that sang “I Shot the Sheriff,“ with “the”); TONGUE-TIED (36A. Stammering).


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