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Clara Bow, the "It" Girl, 1926

Sunday, September 2, 2007
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Puzzle by Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon, edited by Will Shortz

This cheerful Sunday crossword features six entries of actual titles with the letters "IT" inserted into that title to become a fictional title -- PULPITFICTION (23A Quentin Tarantino paperback about a minister's stories?); ANDTHEBANDITPLAYEDON (29A Randy Shilts expose of an outlaw musician?); SITINSOFTHEFATHERS (57A Susan Howatch novel about protesting clergy?); FREETOBITEYOUANDME (82A Marlo Thomas storybook for liberated vampires?); PITIEDPIPEROFHAMELIN (107A Grimm Brothers story about a sorry leader, with "The"?); and KITINGHENRYIV (121A Shakespearean play about a monarch who writes bad checks?).
...and the rest of IT:

Across: 1 Heart of a bus. District; 7 High-end watches; 13 Mexican state east of Veracruz; 20 Squeezed at the ends, as leaves; 21 Crumb catchers, often; 22 Some unwritten rules; 25 Expose; 26 Bottom-of-letter abbr.; 27 State where Geo. W. Bush was born; 28. Became fully evident; 35 Kind of boost; 36 Deborah’s “The King and I’ co-star; 37 “My dear fellow:; 38. Get out; 39 Prepare to frame again, maybe; 42 Attack; 46 Champagne grape; 50 Car introduced in 1905; 51 Warning signal, once; 53 Triangular kerchief; 60 Rescue squad V.I.P.; 61 Years AGO; 62 Be down; 63 Money maker; 66 63-Across device; 67 Mexican Indians; 71 Composer Prokofiev; 74 Hardly glowing reviews; 76 Paraffin-wrapped cheese; 80 Old presidential inits.; 81 Bad news; 89 Piddling; 92 “In UTERO” (#1 Nirvana album); 93 Is out; 94 Blowup: Abbr.; 95 Rye malady; 97 One way to think; 99 Saucy dance; 100 Love child?; 102 “Frasier” role; 104 Social type; 106 “And HOW!”; 116 He was chased by the Cowardly Lion; 119 Copycat; 126 Owner of a stud farm; 127 This second; 128 Second BANANA; 129 Goes downhill; 130 Crowds, it is said; 131 One way to live transsexually.
Down: 1 Big job for a barber; 2 ABU Ghraib, Iraqi prison; 3 “ILL bite”; 4 Red-NAPED sapsucker; 5 Be frugal; 6 Peevish; 7 Japanese band; 8 Believer’s goal; 9 Stationery name; 10 Rat race; 11 Hunk; 12 W-2 Info: Abbr.; 13 Wreck; 14 Bowl; 15 Obstinate; 16 In something together; 17 Doesn’t just bad-mouth; 18 Oriole Ripken; 19 Symbol of Minerva; 24 Bloom of Paris; 28 One on the fast track?; 29 Little League issue; 30 “Don’t sweat it”; 31 Putting all the poker chips in the pot, maybe; 32 Line just above the total; 33 Table spread; 34 City light; 35 Did away with; 40 Former White House press secretary Fleischer; 41 Deli order; 43 Petty peeve; 44 Essen exclamation; 47 Japanese theater; 48 Buried treasure; 49 United places; 52 Certain NCO; 54 Alien craft; 56 Take me ASI am”; 58 Win in a children’s game; 59 Siamang, for one; 64 City served by Indira Gandhi International Airport; 65 Hunter of literature; 68 Transiently brilliant; 69 Union words; 70 “Elephant Boy” boy; 72 Miracle-GRO; 73 Birds as big as people; 75 Go one way, then the other; 77 One-kind connector; 79 Canon alternative; 83 Where 84-Down is: Abbr.; 84 Where London is: Abbr.; 85 No. on a business card; 86 Leandro’s love; 87 “YOUTH has no age”: Picasso; 88 Grant grp.; 89 Least complaint; 90 Cross letters; 91 One whose work may suit you; 96 Best; 96 Necrophobiac’s fear; 101 Some war plans; 103 Climax; 105 Study in multiplication and division?; 108 Undermine; 109 “Funny Face” director Stanley; 110 Places to drop a line; 111 Chopper part; 112 Speak out; 113 Cross swords (with); 114 Old lab burners; 115 “LORNA Doone”; 119 “Charlotte’s Web” initials; 120 Backing; 121 Kit KAT Club; 122 Kenmore alternatives; 123 Candied vegetable; 124 INA quandary; 125 Camper, e.g.
That's IT!
From the film "IT Came From Outer Space" , 1953
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