09.29.07 -- Secrets

MATAHARI (15A She was executed in 1917)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Puzzle by Robert H. Wolfe, edited by Will Shortz

Three long entries, THATSRIDICULOUS (17A "Nonsense!"); SENSITIVENATURE (36A Delicacy); and HEYDONTLOOKATME (55A "I'm not volunteering!") set a tone for this SASSY (14D Flip) and evasively-clued Saturday puzzle. ASSOONAS (1A When) I uncovered MATAHARI (15A She was executed in 1917) occupying the upper left of the puzzle with a prone SALMINEO (62A "Tonka" star, 1958) in the lower left under DRILLERS (60A Boring people) and in dead center, DIVAS (29D 45-Down performers), flashing a "V" as the central letter of this crossword, I was INADILEMMA (40A Stuck with no way out), and WARNED (61A On notice) that my ROLE (50A Lead, e.g.) as solver may be labeled RIP (52A Engraved message?: Abbr.) -- but to be overwhelmed?, why PSHAW (44D 17-Across, quaintly)!

BLEEPS (9A Slip covers?) -- I wrote for an hour without saving and lost it all!
Across -- 16 100 centesimal; 19 Pentax Spotmatic, e.g., in brief; 20 Boy in the comic strip “Rose is Rose”; 21 Parents; 22 Parts of many jam sessions; 25 Minute; 27 African evergreen shrub; 29 Vlasic varieties; 33. Like VCRs in the 1970s; 39 One-striper: Abbr.; 40 Stuck with no way out; 41 Kitchen pieces; 43 Animal visitor to Paris in a classic children’s book; 44 Cornmeal concoction; 47 One that takes a picture?; 49 Crosses; 50 Lead, e.g.; 52 Engraved message?: Abbr.; 59 Ring of anatomy; 61 On notice. Down -- Withdrawal figs.; 2 Joke writer for many Kennedy campaign speeches; 3 Astrological set; 4 Some husk contents; 5 Understanding responses; 6 Pusher; 7 Botanical appendages; 8 Fries, say; 9 A telly may get it; 10 Old Olympics award; 11 Scarlett O’Hara’s mother and others; 12 W.W. II vessel; 13 Cascades; 18 Comment before turning in; 23 Director of the Associated Press, 1900-35; 24 Scale succession; 26 Nicholas Gage title character; 27 More; 28 Tout’s opposite; 29 45-Down performers; 31 How some hats are worn; 32 Drawing, e.g.; 33 Start of some countdowns; 34 “Piece of My Heart” singer Franklin; 35 Result of regular use; 37 “Sin City” actress, 2005; 38 Stagecoach puller; 41 Body band; 42 Flat part; 44 27-Across, quaintly; 45 See 29-Down; 46 Parfait part; 47 It’s a big part of life; 48 Do some tune-up work on; 51 Aurora producer; 53 2002 Literature Nobelist Kertesz; 54 Capital of Colombia; 56 Land of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”’; 57 Dutch traveler’s choice; 58 Figure in the Sunni/Shia split.

IMTIRED (18D Comment before turning in) -- Goodnight!

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