09.04.07 -- Leftovers

Tuesday, September 4, 2007
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Puzzle by Manny Nosowsky, edited by Will Shortz

ALOTONONESPLATE (7D One, two and three…or this puzzle’s title) refers to TENDERLOINSTEAK (17A One…); EGGSSUNNYSIDEUP (41A Two…); and PEACHESANDCREAM (65A Three…) are the inter-related entries in this puzzle.

This puzzle's leftovers include a POTATO (10D It has eyes that can’t see) but with a SCENT (27D Bloodhound’s trail) of little more than an OREO (14A Twist-apart treat) and SODAPOPS (4D Fizzy drinks at a five-and-ten), AGAR (5A Seaweed product) and HAY (40A Horse course) which we might REAP (12D Bring in the sheaves) from the detritus of a very ORAL (38A Kind of vaccine) backyard barbeque FETE (72A Big do) on Labor Day.

Words to remind us of the week ahead seem to come in pairs: TENSE (47A On edge) or CALM (59A Simmer [down]); ITOO (69A Langston Hughes poem) or IAMNOT (50D “Yes, you are!” retort); JOGS (1A Trots) and GOLAME (6D Start limping); ERR (18D Goof) and ACE (53D Crackerjack); DOE (67D It goes for a buck) and HEN (66D Rooster’s mate); ASSAY (39D Analyze, as ore) rhyming with ISSEI (37D Immigrant from Japan); OHGEE (28D “Golly”) and DANG (73A “Durn it!”); OPTS and OPTART; SOLO and SOLON; ATNO and ETNA; LOATH and TRUCE; LOGON and WENT; NEO and NEA, etc.

So, what do the clues 17A One…, 41A Two…, and 65A Three… mean? It’s not the order of a dinner course, or the number of peaches, although it could be one tenderloin steak, and two eggs sunny side up, but the peaches? O.K., three peaches -- ASIF (60A “You wish!“) there is nothing more important in the world on which to waste one’s brain power. The only logical meaning of these three clues that I can come up with is simply “in order of appearance” -- otherwise, I must OWNUP (24D Confess [to]) bafflement!

Other stuff and stuffings include DRIVERED (43D High school course, for short); SMEAR (20A Artist’s mishap); STUCCO (48D Wall plaster); PAYTV (54A Cable for money?); PROMO (23A Many a TV clip); OLLIE (26D Half an old comedy duo); CHOPIN (36A Noted polonaise composer); TAUPE (34D Brownish gray); SERAPE (46A Rafael’s wrap), HYPES (35D Ballyhoos) and TSKS (13D Tut’s kin?).

It’s late, INOD (19D), if I’m to HAUL (58D) my you-know-what into work on time, LOGON (29D Access the Web) and read the EMAG (64A Slate, e.g., for short) before the boss returns from OAHU (56A), I’d better log off and forget the…



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Chebbles' Mama said...

Great commentary! I just found your blog. My mom and I took all day (in fits and starts) to unravel this one, so vexed were we by the clues. I'm glad we're not the only ones wondering if there were three peaches and creams???

DONALD said...