09.07.07 -- Sources of the Sorcerer

"The Magus" -- H. R. Giger
Friday, September 7, 2007
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. Visits; 8. French sentry’s cry; 15. Enter quickly; 16. Ethically indifferent ; 17. “Again…”; 18. With intensity; 19. Four quarters, in France; 20. Atlas sect.; 22. Yugoslavian-born court star; 23. Chuck; 24. Purely physical; 26. Show some spunk; 27. Court; 26. Curl tightly; 30. When Holle freezes over?; 31. Pro sports team that moved from New Orleans in 1979; 33. Shakes; 35. Fat cat; 37. Make tracks; 40. Concavo-convex lens; 44. UV index monitor; 45. If it’s regular, each of its angles is 144 degrees; 47. “Notorious" film studio; 48. Memphis’s locale; 50. Grandparent, frequently; 51. One raised on a farm; 52. Some jackets; 54. Philip of “Kung Fu”; 55. Schwarzenegger title role; 56. Outerwear fabric; 58. Ding Dong alternative; 60. Umm al-Quwain, for one; 61. Pro Football Hall-of-Famer-turned-congressman Steve; 62. Lured; 63. Hides from the enemy, say.
Down: 1. Type of massage; 2. Not removed delicately; 3. Porthole view; 4. The singing voice, informally; 5. Old sticker; 6. Overseas “-ess”; 7. Authenticate, in a way; 8. Tiger’s-eye, essentially; 9. Short family member?; 10. “IMUS in the Morning”; 11. Helped someone get a seat; 12. Mayo’s place; 13. 1974 Best Actress nominee Perrine; 14. Champs ELYSEES; 21. Approach to arithmetic that emphasizes underlying ideas rather than exact calculations; 24. Not generic; 25. Daughter of Ferdinand III; 28. Greenland’s Scoresby Sound is the world’s longest; 29. Classic American watchmaker; 32. Insurance letters; 34. Abbr. Before many state names; 36. “Go easy, please”; 37. Had a problem with one’s suits?; 38. Model; 39. Kind of intake; 41. Got started, with “up”; 42 Locale of the Carpathian Mountains, in part; 43. “The New Colossus” and the like; 46. Blarneyed; 49. When most Capricornios are born; 51 One beaten by a beatnik; 53. Not split; 55. No. of People?; 57. A season abroad; 59. Showing fatigue.

Luciano Pavarotti, 1935-2007

Hear here:
The Career of Luciano Pavarotti - ABC News
Rigoletto La Dona e mobile
Pavarotti - “Turandot” - Nessum Dorma
Luciano Pavarotti - Ave Maria - Schubert
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Anonymous said...

Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye quartz contains brown iron which produces its golden yellow colour. Cabochon cut stones of this variety show the chatoyancy (small ray of light on the surface) that resembles the feline eye of a tiger. The most important deposit is in South Africa, though tiger's eye is also found in Western Australia, Burma (Myanmar), India and California.

DONALD said...

I see that the link was faulty -- corrected it, thanks!