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The Color of Words IX -- Wosene Worke Kosrof, Ethiopia


Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Puzzle by David Levinson Wilk, edited by Will Shortz

The familiar phrases of go for broke”, “play for keeps”, “fish for compliments”, “work out for the best”, “king for a day”, “make up for lost time”, “thirst for knowledge”, “bob for apples”, and “free for all” are inverted, resulting in the following:
BROKEFORGO (23A Rolled sixes while on Water Works, in Monopoly?);
KEEPSFORPLAY (28A Doesn’t throw away, as a stage prop?);
COMPLIMENTSFORFISH (35A What a sushi chef loves to hear?);
THEBESTFORWORKOUT (48A “8 Minute Abs,” according to some?);
ADAYFORKING (69A January 15?);
LOSTTIMEFORMAKEUP (83A Was late to an appointment at the cosmetician?);
KNOWLEDGEFORTHIRST (95A What scientists working for Gatorade have?);
APPLESFORBOB (108A Dylan not liking Dell computers?);
ALLFORFREE (115A Like pro bono work?).

The remaining acrosses are: 1. Kicked off; 6. Pill, 10. Jacket-and-tie affair; 14. Afternoon fare; 19. Good, to Guido; 20. Comedy Central’s “CALL 911”; 21. Jubilant cries; 22. Unadulterated; 25. 552, on a cornerstone; 26. Whirlpool alternative; 27. Co-star on TV’s “Taxi”; 28. Doesn’t throw away, as a stage prop?; 31. Element that’s liquid at room temperature; 33. Remote; 34. King’s lands; 41. “Say Say Say,” say; 42. Royal jelly maker; 43. Hi-RES; 44. Nasdaq listings: Abbr.; 47. Opposite of morn, to a poet; 56. Wilson of Tinseltown; 57. Blackberry nos.; 58. Vatican emissary; 59. Extra-large; 64. Webster and Wyle; 67. Canon competitor; 68. Till; 72. Bond; 73. Pull a GROIN; 76. Unit of yarn; 76. Historical separation; 78. Dish; 80. Volume by Horace; 82. History; 88. Stroke; 91. Flight attendant’s announcement, for short; 92. German name part; 93. “Shine a Little Love” grp.; 94. Arcade; 103. Some moon rocks; 106. Three-day holiday; 107. Hero of Sophocles’ “Electra”; 112. Grosse POINTE, Mich.; 113. Opera SERIA; 114. Not closed all the way; 119. Part of TWA; 120. “HADI known then…”; 121. Gladness: Fr.; 122. Andropov and Gagarin; 123. To date; 124. Darkens, maybe; 125. Let go; and 126. Actress Graff.

The downs: 1. Fraud finder: Abbr.; 2. Grand tour locale: Abbr.; 3. A bird flying by on the right, to the Greeks; 4. Disheveled; 5. Words following see, hear and speak; 6. For now; 7. Start of many airline names; 8. Like Mozart’s Symphony No. 10; 9. Cozy spot; 10. Develop anacrusis; 11. Gridiron star; 12. Rings of islands; 13. “Like that’ll ever happen!”; 14. Indications of anger; 15. Kind of band; 16. One bit; 17. The Beatles arrived in New York in 1964 on this; 18. Does in; 24. Done, in Dijon; 20. 40% of fifty?; 30. Prayer; 31. A following?; 32. Wolf; 36. Withdraw; 37. Born as; 38. Try; 39. Basics of grade school learnin‘?; 40. Small number; 44. Certain shell; 45. “But of course, Monsieur!”; 48. More than buzzed; 48. Deuce; 49. HESA Tramp,” Peggy Lee song in “Lady and the Tramp”; 50. Bagnold and others; 51. Carpenter, at times; 52. Spanish bloom; 53. Honshu port; 54. “Danger! Danger!”; 55. Dungeons & Dragons figure; 56. Mitch Miller, , e.g.; 59. What multitask do with things; 60. Displace; 61. Greek peak; 62. Ringo’s eldest; 63. EYEOF newt (witches’ brew ingredient); 65. With it; 66. Hogwarts professor; 70. Paul Bunyan’s dog; 71. Pulitzer-winning novelist Shirley Ann GRAU; 74. Little complaint; 77. Recipe amt. 79. Moves around; 81. “Peter Pan” pirate; 84. Cut (down); 85. 8 x 10, say: Abbr.; 86. TV character from the planet Melmac; 87. “Rock and Roll, Hoochie KOO”; 88. Rear seating section in a theater; 89. “What ELSE?”; 90. B’way buys; 94. Yearning; 95. Al in Cooperstown; 96. The Braves’ div.; 97. Online investing site; 98. Ruins; 99. Classic Ferrari; 100. Laid some tiles; 101. The Police, e.g.; 102. Son of William the Conqueror; 103. “No more, Luigi!”; 104. Parrots; 105. Nozzle choice; 109. Late Saudi king; 110. Any member of a 1970s R & B group; 111. Low: Sp.; 112. “Swan Lake” bend; 116. Nova, e.g.; 117. German article; and 118. Wind dir.

I found this Sunday crossword a bit of a dry and tedious solve -- the inordinate amount of familiar entries and their definitions contributed to my ennui; however, it does contain a lot of variety resulting in some artful wordplay.

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Ron said...

I think I found one error in your answer key.

For 60D (Displace), I got "uproot" instead of your "unroot", making 68A (Till) "up to" instead of "unto".

Otherwise, I think you've got it all.


DONALD said...


Thanks! I just couldn't find it!

It's corrected -- what a relief!