04.19.08 -- Clockwork!

Clockwork Orange by Dzeni, Auckland, New Zealand (with Alex interpolation)
Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Puzzle by Bob Klahn, edited by Will Shortz
Tick, tock, tick, tock...
Ten-letter entries: MONTEVERDI (5A. “L’Orfeo” composer); ONIOMANIAC (16A. Compulsive shopper); TEAPOTDOME (18A. 20th-century scandal); SALMAGUNDI (50A. Mixture); IDEALISTIC (54A. Visionary); SERPENTINE (56A. Windy?).
Nine-letter: BARCELONA (26A. Birthplace of Sert and Miró); RHINOCERI (39A. Giant perissodactyls).
Eight: RIODEORO (12D. Western Sahara region); DAMOCLES (13D. Flattering courtier who changed places with the tyrant Dionysius, in Greek legend); ICESKATE (14D. Blade holder); EMPHASIS (31D. What “!” provides); PALISADE (32D. Defensive structure); STICKLER (33D. Person not easily budged).
Seven: NIALONG (7D. “Love Jones” actress, 1997); CLEMENS (20D. Only starting pitcher since 1971 to win a league M.V.P. award); MARYORR (28D. Writer of the story upon which “All About Eve” is based); CHIANTI (37D. It could end up in a fiasco); EPSTEIN (31A. “Casablanca” screenwriter Julius or Philip); PURPOSE (35A. Reason).
Six: COBWEB (1D. Network seen in many homes, and not proudly); OMERTA (2D. “The Last Don” sequel); INGEAR (3D. Engaged); FISTIC (4D. Boxing-related); TOPEKA (8D. City whose name is Siouan for “a good place to grow potatoes”); ROBUST (39D. Powerful); COOPER (40D. Big maker of tires); EMPIRE (41D. Neoclassic style); RAISIN (42D. Dark purplish blue); INTACT (43D. Whole); WRETCH (19A. Poor devil); GARRET (30A. "La Bohème" setting); MATINS (36A. Dawn observance); DROPIT (49A. “I said that’s enough!”).
Five: ETAIL (23A. Net sales); MOOLA (28A. Bread); PLIES (38A. Folds); ROMAN (46A. Like M, L or XL); EMOTE (9D. Engage in cabotinage); FAGIN (45D. Dickens’s “merry old gentleman”).
Four: COIF (1A. Lock combination?); OMNI (15A. It means everything); BEGS (17A. Seeks change?); LETS (21A. Court calls); COKE (24A. Product once advertised as “Ice-cold sunshine”); DECK (25A. Bicycle pack); MOOG (29A. “A Clockwork Orange” instrument); CANY (37A. Like a raspberry bush stem); HICS (44A. Lush sounds); FOIL (45A. Stooge); BABA (48A. Spongelike cake); Council of PISA, 1409 (53A.); ERIC (55A. Lassie creator Knight); RENT (57A. Check for letters); MOTH (5D. Phototropic flier); VATS (10D. Drums); COON (24D. Cousin of a kinkajou); DORP (25D. Hamlet); LOIS (27D. “Such Good Friends” novelist Gould); GUNN (30D. “Treasure Island” character); TIES (34D. Makes ends meet?); PAIL (35D. Something well-placed?); BALE (48D. Make a bundle); DICE (49D. Cut to bits).
Three: DOS (22A. List on a society calendar); ASK (47A. Call upon); ONE (6D. It’s next to nothing); END (11D. Heel); MAP (51D. Relief provider, maybe); DIN (52. Roar).
Two, one -- tick, tock, tick, tock...
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Dzeni said...

Thanks for linking to my "Clockwork" graphic. Never thought it would end up on a page dedicated to crossword puzzles :) Very cool.

DONALD said...


Thank you for your note -- your graphics are truly excellent. Hope the link sends many viewers to see more of your dynamic artwork!

Kent said...

Any idea why the San Diego Union-Tribune doesn't have the correct puzzle today, Big Guy?

DONALD said...


No idea -- look at the bottom of the puzzle for a number that corresponds to the date originally published -- curious to know.

Kent said...

Puzzle #0308.

DONALD said...


In syndication, the NYT daily puzzle is six weeks behind, and the Sunday NYT puzzle runs a week behind. There is a number shown below each puzzle (e.g., 0401) matching the original publication date (example, 0401 = 04.01.08). Archives below provide a link to the individual puzzle of each number/date.

Click on arrow for March Archive, it opens the list, go to 03.08.08 -- click on that and the puzzle will appear.

The key is to note the date/number of the puzzle and follow it to the correct page.

The most curent puzzle and a link to the blog is at the top of the page (in the same column).

Kent said...

Thank you, Buddy.

Working on #0315 today.

cornbread hell said...

this puzzle kicked my backside but good.

loved it. especially the "windy" clue.