04.16.08 -- Evanescence

Victor Hugo -- Octopus with the initials V. H., ca. 1866

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Puzzle by Edward Sessa, edited by Will Shortz

The clues 17. INK; 25. IN; 43. I; and 57. - , which define the entries of CEPHALOPHODSPRAY (17. INK); SOCIALADVANTAGE (25A. IN); PERSONAL PRONOUN (43A. I); and DISAPPEARINGINK (57A. - ) literally vanish with the final entries ERASE (64A. Recorder function) and PHEW (65A. “I’m glad THAT’s over!”) and then echo throughout the crossword puzzle itself.

Cephalopod?! Ink, in, I, - ! Going, going, gone! Nice stuff! However, there are plenty of other inter-related entries -- DOPE (3D. Bonehead); INANE (15A. Vacuous) and MORON (42D. No-brainer?); WIPE, CLEAR and NIXES (21A. Vetoes); EGOS (14A. They can be inflated) and OGRE (62A. Tyrannical sort); AGED (2D. Like sharp cheddar) and OLDIE (26D. Nostalgic number); MESH (63A. Go well together); and SKEW (56D. Show unfairly); MARL (11D. Clayey sediment) and RAVINE (46D. Result of stream erosion); and the Shortzesque double-clued entries of ASH (4D. Volcanic output) and LAVA (16A. Volcanic output) which spark a SIGH (54D. Sound of resignation) and a SPLASH (44D. Big media display); and even NOR (24A. Neither’s partner) all by itself.

The couples continue with FATAL (5A. Causing ruin) and AMOK (10A. In a frenzy); FILIAL (5D. Of a son or daughter) and SIS (54A. Family nickname) -- some not seen too frequently: ANOXIA (6D. It may cause a coma) and AVISO (30D. Dispatch boat); PHAROS (45D. Ptolemy’s lighthouse locale); POLYP (41D. Coral producer); and PEEPS (37A. Marshmallow candies in Easter baskets); GINSU (31A. Infomercial knife); and some seen quite often -- KWAI (23A. River in a 1957 hit film) and KIAS (23D. Sephia and Sportage); ADDS (36A. Mentions further) and ASKS (51D. Tests, in a way); SCAMP (25D. Scalawag) and SCONE (19D. Teatime biscuit); DADA (1A. Movement branded as “anti-art”) and DECO (1D. South Beach style).

I’ll not DWELL (28D. Belabor, with “on”) on this MASSE (42A. Shot with lots of English) of entries, but to finish up -- ITALY and “Mamma MIA!” (40A.), VIA and VIP, LINT and LANE, RATA and RATON, ANWAR and ALPERT, INRE and IDEM, ANOS and ERA; and a few loners -- BEAR, ELKS and HARE, CEDAR and CELLO, EATEN (32D. All gone, as dinner), GOP (Org. that‘s in the red?), KAYO (13D. Drop for the count), LED, ODE and OVAL, PLY, PRE and PUNY and TAPE and TILE.

BRAVO (52A. “Well done!”), and with that………


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Across: 20. “___ to Joy”; 22. Part of a chamber orchestra; 33. Welcome forecast; 34. Baby bottom cleaner; 35. Itinerary word; 47. Panel layer; 48. Hound’s quarry; 60. Fraternal group; 61. Finger, in a way. Down: 7. Bit of Watergate evidence; 8. 20076 y 2008, por ejemplo; 12. Lionel train layout, often; 18. Egypt’s Sadat; 24. Drops off; 27. Symbol of Lebanon; 29. B. M. O. C., e.g.; 37. Pint-size; 38. Christian ___; 39. Tollbooth access; 49. Footnote word; 50. Game piece; 52. Scavenger at Yellowstone; 53. Pro ___; 55. Memo phrase; 58. Historic lead-in.


NYTAnonimo said...

So are you suggesting double entendre with the cephalopod ? Here is a longer version of the video clip that you picked out.

DONALD said...


Not entirely, but it does strike a note -- thanks for the three very fine links, a nice contribution to the post -- your commentary is always enlightening!