04.06.08 -- Sound Moves

Sunday, April 6, 2008

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Puzzle by Daniel C. Bryant, edited by Will Shortz
CLAYMANEXEMPTION (23A. Tax break for Gumby?); SEALOVEAPPROVAL (35A. Blessing for a shipboard romance?); MAYDOUBTAWILL (56A. Perhaps doesn’t believe witty Rogers?); KEYPAWNMOVING (76A. End-game maneuvers?); MINEDOVERMATTER (92A. Excavate in the white cliffs?); GRAYTOILEOFCHINA (110A. Drab Oriental fabric?); DRAWPINCENTERS (16D. Sketch sewing-kit stores?); and MYLAUGHTERMILE (46D. Clown’s parade memoir?) are the inter-related entries in this very sound Sunday crossword puzzle.
Of course, we hear “Claim an exemption; seal of approval; made out a will; keep on moving; mind over matter; Great Wall of China; drop-in centers; and mile after mile." Or perhaps we don’t -- the title of this puzzle is different in the electronic version -- e.g., Sound Moves.
Silence is golden, so here's the rest with a few sound links -- here, hear!:
Across: 1. Rocker Ocasek and others; 5. Dwellers along the Dnieper River; 10. A SEPAL, petal and a thorn (Emily Dickinson poem); 15. Rtes.; 18. 1969 self-titled jazz album; 19. United We Stand America founder; 20. Eastern seaboard rte.; 21. Greek discord goddess; 26. Publication read by drs.; 2. “Steady ASSHE goes”; 28. Motor levers; 29. Abjures; 31. Money replaced by the 49-Down; 33. “Bien sur!!”; 34. Primitive wind instruments; 40. Without compassion; 41. Indisposed; 42. Be indisposed; 43. Architect whose epitaph says “Reader, if you seek his monument, look around you”; 44. It’s short for a long car; 47. World’s longest wooden roller coaster, at Kings Island; 51. Battery type; 52. “Hawaii Five-O” airer; 55. Bridge writer Culbertson; 58. “Let’s EAT!”; 59. Like some single-sex schools; 61. Near-grads: Abbr.; 62. Dinner plate scraping; 63. ENTR’ acte; 64. “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer” poet; 65. Tribe originally from the Deep South; 68. Wood shop device; 69. Rigor of a fever; 70. “Yoo-HOO!”; 72. “Alley OOP!”; 73. “Oh, please”; 75. Enough to hold a lotta iPod tunes; 80. Turncoat; 81. Somalia neighbor: Abbr.; 82. Modern address; 83. Zero interest; 84. W.W. II vessels; 85. Choice marbles; 87. End of some 82-Acrosses; 88. “Hands Across the Sea” composer; 90. Writer ADELA Rogers St. Johns; 99. “A Little Bitty Tear:” singer, 1962; 101. United; 102. Flamenco cheer; 103. Current gauge; 104. 1910s-’20s Dutch art movement; 108. Like many “Survivor” contestants; 109. Short ride; 113. Word before or after “on”; 114. Was a good Samaritan to; 115. Rock genre; 116. Blink OFAN eye; 117. Born abroad; 118. Musts; 119. Plant swelling; 120. Communism battler, with “the”.
Down: 1. Summarizes; 2. “Maybe”; 3. Minor league baseball category; 4. Greet someone; 5. Hot Springs, e.g.; 6. March fast?; 7. Metropolitan AREA; 8. What people are saying, briefly; 9. Promotion; 10. Apt. overseer; 11. Mechanics give them: Abbr.; 12. Taro dish; 13. Like half of all terminals; 14. Leader with a goatee; 15. Say “hallelujah!”; 17. British fruitcake; 22. Fresh; 24. “Same here”; 25. Prime minister raised in Milwaukee; 30. Snail shell shape; 32. Personification; 34. “Be a PAL!”; 36. Kind of alcohol; 37. Expressed wonder; 38. Hops drier; 39. “Apologia pro VITA Sua”; 43. Kelly or Whitman; 44. Waste of a sort; 45. Crooked; 48. Twaddle; 49. 31-Across replacer; 50. Decamp; 51. One of the four elements; 53. Toweling-off place; 54. Urban grid; 56. Start to lead?; 57. “Holy moly!!”; 60. Onetime telecom giant; 63. Listener; 65. Friday, for one; 66. Dictionary, often; 67. Where private messages may be sent?: Abbr.; 68. Delay; 70. Towel stitching; 71. Olive OYL; 73. Dear SIROR Madam… ; 74. Breath: Prefix; 76. 1990-’91 war site; 77. Shortly; 78. Braided; 9. Wood shop device; 84. Night owl’s TV fare; 86. “The House of the Spirits” author, 1982; 87. Grunts; 89. SALIC law (early legal code); 90. Cause to blush; 91. Criticize harshly; 92. MERRIE Melodies; 93. “I DOSO appreciate…”; 94. In installments; 95. In hijab, e.g.; 96. “L’chaim!”; 97. Figure skater Sokolova and others; 98. Little stinger; 100. Steakhouse shunner; 104. Not natural; 106. Leap on a stage; 107. Good soil; 111. Summer offering; 112. 20-Across terminus: Abbr.

A sound Sunday puzzle -- eh?!

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Claudine said...

I have the dumbest question, but I have to ask. I recently moved and am an avid fan of the NYT sunday crossword. But being in a new area I don't know where to find it. My husband and I actually bought a sunday NYT and went through it cover to cover and still can't find the puzzle. What section is it in? Help us. We are sorely lacking. Also is there a source to find out which papers carry the syndicated puzzle. I'd love to find it in a Boston paper and not have to pay the steep pricetag of the Times. Thanks

DONALD said...

The Sunday crossword appears in the New York Times Magazine (not in the paper itself). The Magazine is delivered (along with other sections of the Sunday paper) to subscribers of the paper with the Saturday edition. On the newstand, the Magazine appears with the Sunday edition.

As far as a Boston area newspaper carrying the syndicated puzzle, well -- that's a question. I will follow up.

The NYT Sunday Acrostic, however, does appear in the Boston Globe.

The Times site listed below may have the information you need, and it also appears to have the interactive version of the crossword on a daily basis, gratis -- at least it showed up when I contacted the site (the puzzle was for Feb. 25, 2008, a/k/a 022508 of six weeks ago).


DONALD said...

A postscript with further information:

At the http://www.nytsyn.com/licensing.php go to “Interactive Games” in the sidebar, once on the “Interactive Games” page, click on “Interactive Crossword” and the syndicated puzzle for the day will appear.

Anonymous said...

I believe that a Boston area newspaper that carries the syndicated NYT puzzle (Mon-Sat)is the Patriot Ledger.

Claudine said...

Thank you.