04.30.08 -- Googling on My Mind

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Puzzle by Henry Hook, edited by Will Shortz

GOOGLING (1D. Solver’s online recourse) has changed the world of crossword puzzles as surely as it has changed the world. Authors (or constructors) of crosswords, along with solvers are falling further and further into the pit of electronic entries -- even the clues are being affected. The crossword puzzle constructor has forced the issue -- it is possible to find a justification for almost every combination of letters in any corner of the puzzle into which the constructor has been painted. It doesn’t take a vast array of knowledge or exhausting tactile research to come up with a Mann’s “Der TOD in Venedig”.

Change that clue for GOOGLING to (1D. Crossword constructor's online recourse). Like it or not, it's here to stay! So Google this!

GENTLEONMYMIND (20A. 1968 Glen Campbell hit); GEORGIAONMYMIND (34A. 1960 Ray Charles hit); and ALWAYSONMYMIND (53A. 1982 Willie Nelson hit) are this Wednesday’s inter-related entries.

Across: 1. Taunt; 5. Slalomer’s moves; 9. ALLI ask is a tall ship…”; John Masefield; 13. Sans deferment; 14. Till you get it right; 16. “Present” in bad kids’ Christmas stockings; 17. Acapulco acclamations; 18. Bellini two-actor; 19. Fail miserably, in slang; 23. Daughter of Muhammad Ali; 24. Cut into parts; 25. Mouse who’s always throwing bricks at Krazy Kat; 27. Hardly stuffy; 28. Aficionado; 29. Gets; 40. Peace-and-quiet venue; 41. “Whaddya waiting’ for?!”; 42. Title lover in a 1920s Broadway hit; 44. Little fingers or toes; 47. He wrote “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invest him”; 52. Borrow a partner; 55. Nolo contendere, for one; 56. Get by; 57. False deity; 58. “Gilmore Girls” daughter; 59. New Jersey’s SETON Hall University; 60. Novel ending?; 61. 1961 “space chimp”; 62. Wraps (up); 63. Accordion part.

Down: 2. Allied (with); 3. Enjoyed doing; 4. Title locale in a Cheech Marin flick; 5. Actor Billy of “Titanic”; 6. “What AGOOD boy am I!”; 7. Adorned, in the kitchen; 8. Super Bowl XXI M.V.P., first to say” I’m going to Disney World!”; 9. What demonstrators demonstrate; 10. Auto shop’s offering; 11. Longtime Cowboys coach Tom; 12. Sort; 15. Senate tally; 21. Midback muscle, briefly; 22. Villain; 26. Suffix with Meso- or Paleo-; 30. Ewe said it; 32. Singer DiFranco; 33. Mosque V.I.P.; 35. Things people are trained in?; 36. Van Susteren of Fox News; 37. Begin; 38. Put up; 39. Approached zero; 42. Burial place of King Arthur; 43. Ravel work; 45. Unfriendly; 46. Repertoire component; 48. Senate tally; 49. N.H.L. Eastern Conf. team; 50. What a traveling salesman travels; 51. Establish, as a chair; 54. Department store section; 55. Opposite of post-.

Today's Shortzesque twin clues? 15- and 48- Down, Senate tally, NAYS and AYES.

Google it!


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Linda G said...

I love your Google shot. Even though I'm not a Simpsons fan, I ended up with Bart at the blackboard for mine.

I've always said that Googling wasn't cheating...now we have Henry Hook's permission ; )

DONALD said...

Constructors are using Google for clues and entries resulting in some wildly obscure junk!