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Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Puzzle by Michael Langwald, edited by Will Shortz
Feeling silly? Good. This will be right up your alley!
IGOTYOUBABE (62A. 1985 hit by the performers suggested phonetically by the ends of 18-, 24-, 37- and 56-Across), MIDNIGHTSUN (18A. Summer arctic phenomenon); WOUNDEDKNEE (24A. 1890 battle site that’s now a memorial); SAINTANNE (37A. Grandmother of Jesus); and MARKETSHARE (56A. Measure of a company’s dominance) combine for I Got You Babe, Sonny & Cher. What the…?!
I mean, what the….??!!!?
Oh well, here’s the rest of the acrosses: 1. Cleanse; 4. Former New York governor; 9. Trayful of cookies; 14. Alicia Keys #1 Album” ASI Am”; 15. Big name in pest control; 16. ALOHA Bowl; 17. Denials; 20. Bad off, after “up”; 22. G; 23. Predecessor of Romans; 28. Mayo can be found in it; 29. Try to get in; 30. In addition; 31. “Solaris” author Stanislaw LEM; 32. Mysterious creature; 33. Turnabout, in slang; 35. Follows: 41. Hamilton who wrote “Mythology”; 44. Approximately; 45. Pool accessory; 49. From, in some names; 50. It’ll never fly; 53. “Ghostbusters” director Ivan; 55. Petition; 58. Sound; 60. Secretive org.; 61. “Sanford and Son” setting; 66. Daybreak deity; 67. Classic sportster, for short; 68. Mucho; 69. French article; 70. City NW of Frankfurt; 71. Cross as ABEAR (annoyed); 72. Alphabet trio.
Downs: 1. Escaped; 2. Elemental form; 3. Shake up; 4. Field for Fields; 4. Field for Fields; 5. The Rams of the Atlantic 10: Abbr.; 6. Initialed; 7. European capital; 8. Like some bagels; 9. Cross word; 10. Baja’s opposite; 11. Proportionately; 12. Condiment made with a mortar and pestle; 13. Two-wheeled carriages; 19. “Yippee!” feeling; 21. Prepare to serve; 25. Item for a travel bag; 26. Off; 27. Education provider since 1440; 34. Foreign visitors?; 36. Mother of Charlemagne; 38. Attention getter; 39. River to the Rhine; 40. Vote in the Duma; 41. Slippery; 42. Recommendations on bottles; 43. Tiled up; 46. Hobbyist; 47. Smokes in bulk; 48. Israeli parliament; 51. War preceder; 52. Actress Andress; 54. “Honest!”; 57. Cookout offering; 59. Suffix with novel; 63. Itch; 64. Put away; 65. Youth org.
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cornbread hell said...

ahahahahahahahaha! sunknee...anneshare...what in the?

cornbread hell said...

and, yes. i had to click on the ursula andress link.

NNDB is now bookmarked. thanks, donald.

DONALD said...

I wonder if she's still holding those conchs at age 72?