04.03.08 -- COW

Thursday, April 3, 2008
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Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz
Eight squares in this crossword puzzle contain the word COW.
The resulting across entries are HADACOW (5. Freaked out); SCOWLS (10. Looks unhappy); COWPEA (16. Soup or salad ingredient); COWARDLYLION (17. Beloved film character with a tail); COWHIDE (41. Baseball cover); COWRITES (42. Pens together); RIDEEMCOWBOY (61. Cry just before someone gets some big bucks?); and COWSHED (68. Battle site in “Animal Farm”).
In the center of the diagram is the across entry WHERESTHEBEEF (38. 1980s catchphrase).
Going down, the eight squares result in the entries of LOCOWEED (1. It makes livestock go crazy); COWINNER (9. One tied for first place); SCOWS (10. Barges); COWPASTURE (11. Place for grazing); MOSCOW (31. Its coat of arms features a horseman spearing a dragon); COWABUNGA (41. Surfer’s exclamation); DAIRYCOW (44. It may be milked for all it’s worth); and COWER (63. Shrink).
The remaining across: 1. Benjamin Harrison’s vice president, LEVI P. Morton; 14. Big pullers; 15. Out; 19. Car with an acronymic name; 20. Cousin of the bald eagle; 21. “ASA precaution …”; 22. “The White Horse INN” (operetta); 24. Holy man’s title; 25. One of the so-called Southern Ivies; 27 Victor Nuñez title hero; 28. Spike TV, once; 29. Bit of force; 30. Speaker’s adjunct; 32. Disqualify (oneself); 34. Drinks with a spoon, maybe; 37. Mexican silver dollars; 43. When the line “Whatever it is, I fear Greeks even when they bring gifts; 45. “Die Meistersinger” soprano; 46. Spring break?; 50. Rouge or noir, e.g.; DADE City, Fla.; 53. “That’s a LAUGH!”; 54. Diminutive suffix; 55. With 52-Down, hangs out; 56. Wall St. hire; 58. Old Turkish title; 59. Central point; 64. W.W. II battleground; 65. Pine; 66. Catherine Deneuve was on its first U.S. cover; 67. Court figs.; 69. Range in lipsticks.
Down: 2. Retired from a service; 3. Mount VERNON; 4. Pol. Label; 5. Robert of “Airplane!”; 6. ALLA prima (painting technique); 7. Midmillennium year; 8. In a frenzy; 12. Discovers; 13. Group assimilated by the Romans; 18. Be productive, as chickens; 23. As required, after “if”; 26. Go back; 27. Stuck; 30. It can never come back; 33. Hill, in Spain; 35. Food brand whose name is a portmanteau of two state names; 36. Knife, slangily; 38. Present, as a dessert tray; 39. Made allusions to; 40. ETA Kappa Nu (honor society); 47. Eye in the heavens; 48. Ancient; 49. “As a matter of fact, I do”; 52. See 55-Across; 53. Prison break, e.g.; 56. Pond, in Liverpool; 57. Crook; 60. Accident letters; 62. Morse T.
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