08.27.08 -- Echoes

The Universe is My Mind. Ink and color on paper, Irene Chou, 2003. Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Puzzle by Donna Hoke Kahwaty, edited by Will Shortz

Echoed syllables, PAWPAWPRINTS (20A. Some fruit still lifes?), CANCANOPENER (26A. Showy dance intro?), TOMTOMTURKEY (41A. Gobbler in a powwow musical group?) and BONBONVOYAGE (47A. Chocolate’s journey?) are the interrelated entries of today's crossword.

Other long entries are FOOTLOOSE (17A. Unencumbered); HONOREE (39D. Roasted one); IN AMERICA (52A. Stateside); NITPICKY (4D. Sweating the small stuff); SLURPEE (9D. 7-Eleven cooler); SORCERER (37D. Dungeons & Dragons character).

The major portion of the crossword is occupied by middle-sized entries -- 34D. In the blink of ANEYE; ANION (45D. Negative particles); APOGEE (25A. Orbital extreme); BRIAR (51A. Prickly plant); DANTE (59A. Writer who went to hell?); EBBED (43D. Fell back); ECLAT (22A. Super success); ECOLE (56A. Where élèves study); ELAYNE (43A. Comical Boosler); ENCORE (46A. Call for more); ENORM (29D. Huge, in verse); ESKIMO (22A. Parka wearer, maybe); GOING (11D. In action); GROWON (5D. Gradually appeal to); 39A. Actor Rutger HAUER; KNACK (24D. Natural ability); LAMAS (18D. Priests of the East); LEAKS (30A. Security concerns); 16A. Sierra LEONE; LOCKE (40A. Political philosopher John); 44D. Poet Federico Garcia LORCA; LUNGE (40D. Fencing move); 27D. “Are you in OROUT?”); PALEO (28D. Archaeologist’s prefix); PANGS (21D. Hunger signals); POKER (33D. Cincinnati and lowball are versions of this); RAMEN (36D. Japanese bowlful); RANGE (31A. Diva’s asset); ROLOS (36A. Chocolate-caramel candies); 23D. Composer Camille Saint-SAENS; SENIOR (10D. Like half of U.S. senators); SENSE (13D. Pick up on); SOCKO (32D. Super, in Variety); SSGTS (9A. Some N.C.O.’s); TEAMUP (42D. Get together for a task); TNOTE (12D. It takes up to 10 yrs. to reach maturity); TYBALT (41D. Capulet murdered by Romeo); UNION (19A. Shop group).

Short fill -- AAA, ANCY, BLEW, CNN, ECO, ECRU, EDNA, FOCI, GLIB, IDO, ILSA, LOOP, MOO, OFF, OMEN, ROLL, RONA, SOON, SPA, VIEW, WEEP, YARE ...and the unechoed TSK (38A. Terse reproof).


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Xword search information -- 1. Gathering clouds, e.g.; 5. Smooth-talking; 14. Centers of attention; 15. Rock’s partner; 32. Where one might get steamed; 35. Suffix with buoy; 37. In short order; 57. Hosiery shade; 58. “Hairspray” mom; 60. Get blubbery; 61. Novelist Jaffe. Down: 1. Not quite oneself; 2. Jersey sound; 3. System starter?; 6. In the ___; 7. Rick’s film love; 8. Totally bungled; 48. Penthouse asset; 49. It’s enough, for some; 50. Easy to maneuver, at sea; 53. Oath affirmation; 54. “The Situation Room” airer; 55. Rte. suggester.

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