08.15.08 -- Quake, Rattle & Roll!

Friday, August 15, 2008
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
UHOH (48D. “This doesn’t look good”)!
Fasten your seatbelts! ENTER (29D. Word said upon arrival) at your own risk! Five 15-letter across entries are the main feature of this end-of-the-week get-away-early for one of the last-weekends-of-a-waning-summer crossword puzzle.
EARTHQUAKEALARM (13A. Detector of some potentially dangerous waves) and a potentially related question, AREYOUDOINGOKAY (17A. Question of concern after someone has had a bad experience), which might be asked as the aftershocks continue at an EXPONENTIALRATE (34A. Rapidly increasing pace), causing concern to government concerns such as CIAHEADQUARTERS (53A. Where moles might be found) and the ATTORNEYGENERAL (56A. Creator of big suits?).
LANTERNS (36D. Power outage backups) might be needed in the ensuing SABLE(59A. Very dark) results. If not, then at least for the solving of this gnarly (not to be confused with KNARS, 32D. Lumber features) and GARISH (27D. Loud) crossword filled with BRASS (1A. Chutzpah), defying definition -- but HEREGOES (26A. Words before an attempt)!
Well -- people: We’ve a VIXEN (24D. Soap staple) and a MUJER (41D. Woman of La Mancha), a RUTH (44A. 1923 A.L. M.V.P.) and a YAZ (22A. Bosox nickname), with 12D. Sondheim’s “Multitudes of AMYS” and CADETS (20A. Corps groups) leading a contingent comprised of OWEN (21A. “Children of Men” star Clive), NEIL (37A. Younger brother of George W. and Jeb); AILEY (39A. Alvin of the American Dance Theater); ANSARA (42A. Michael who played Cochise on TV); FATS (47D. Domino, e.g.), TITO (46D. He broke with Stalin in 1948) and MCAN (45D. Big name in footwear) and to boot, an ETONIAN or two (35D. Ian Fleming or James Bond). Then there’s those UNS (43A Young or wee follower).
ONCEMORE (40A. Over) unto the breach dear friends, once more! For a RISER (31A. Tide, at times) is on the horizon. Don’t stand AGAZE (16D. Like curious onlookers) at this tsunami, shake a LAKE (10D. It has a large bed), get off that ISLE (52D. Dot in a 10-Down) and PLOD (9D. Don’t tread lightly) like YETIS (22D. Mysterious sightings) to higher ground, perhaps the SKI (8D. With 3-Down, slopes) AREA (3D. See 8-Down) or MTFUJI (45A. Japanese pilgrimage destination). OCALA (28D. City just NE of Citrus County) and 51A. Asia’s ARAL Sea just won’t do! God save the QUEEN (14D. Powerful piece) -- OLEOLE (21D. Enthusiastic cry of support) -- 23D. “Thy servants ARENO spies”: Genesis 42:11.
That SHOPWORN (5D. Like clichés) ENCARTA (15D. Wikipedia alternative) wont’ help much with the leftovers -- AURAE (42D. Distinctive qualities); ROUGE (44D. Compact material); AVALON (23A. Toyota sedan); SUDAN (6D. Arab League member); ASPIC (25D. Food glaze); for more, HITME (26D. You don’t say it when you stand) -- ACNE and SORE, HERB and TEA, STS and SQYD, ODE and DEO, KEA and KITT, PLOD and PLEA and PEAS, oh please, and thus the dust must follow, not with a bang, but a wimper -- BEAK, ERAT, HAI, NOSH, RARE, STY, TAMS and TAOS (7D. Town near the D. H. Lawrence Ranch)!?
Excuse me, my seismometer is vibrating -- SEEYA (30D. Words said upon departure)!
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