08.31.08 -- OT

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Puzzle by Alan Arbesfeld, edited by Will Shortz

Adding OT (Over Time, e.g., Extra Play) to say it ain’t so, all the same, crystal ball, big business, school marm, lo and behold, Bard of Avon, and an act of God, produced today’s interrelated entries of SAYITAINTSOOT (23A. Plea made to a chimney sweep?); ALLOTTHESAME (38A. Distribute equal amounts?); CRYSTALBALLOT (58A. Vote involved in a 15th wedding anniversary?); BIGOTBUSINESS (76A. Narrow-minded affairs?); SCHOOLMARMOT (95A. Teacher’s pet?); LOOTANDBEHOLD (112A. Stop to admire one’s pillaging?); BARDOTOFAVON (17D. Sexiest bell ringer?); ANACTOFGODOT (62D. Part of a Beckett play?).

Other across entries and their clues: 1. Pep rally shout, GOTEAM; 7. Sics on, LETSAT; 13. More than a favorite; SUREBET; 20. Program begun under Kennedy, APOLLO; 21. Digs, ISINTO; 22. Single advancement, ONEBASE; 25. Holding one’s own, NOWORSE; 26. Topic in a golf lesson, STANCE; 27. Pancho’s pal, CISCO; 29. Colonial John ALDEN; 20. Moving, ASTIR; 30. EATSA hole in (corrodes); 35. Graduation deliveries, ORATIONS; 37. Jobs for some underwriters, for short, IPOS; 41. “The Daughter of Time” novelist, 1951, TEY; 42. Friendliness, WARMTH; 44. “BESAME Mucho” (1944 #1 hit); 45. 1968 live folk album, ARLO; 47. Humorist Sedaris, AMY; 48. Sub, HOAGIE; 51. Maximum extent, hilt; 53. Pushover, SOFTY; 59. Recipient of a lettera amorosa, CARO; 60. Missile Command maker; ATARI; 63. Floors, KOS; 64. Sounds from a hot bath, AHS; 65. Subject to loss on a laptop; UNSAVED; 67. Follies, LUNACIES; 68. Genetic letters, RNA; 70. Have no accomplices, ACTALONE; 71. Done, ATANEND; 72. Three times a day, on an Rx, TID; 73. Thurman of “The Avengers”, UMA; 74. Title role for Streisand, YENTL; 75. Mire, MUCK; 80. Kitchen appliance brand, OSTER; 82. When doubled, an old sitcom sign-off; 83. Blasts from the past, briefly, NTESTS; 84. Payroll fig., SSN; 87. N.B.A. star Lamar ODOM; 89. Act as a go-between, LIAISE; 91. Main lines, AORTAE; 93. Peter Pan rival, JIF; 99. Commercial prefix with jet, AERO; 100. One making an impression, ENGRAVER; 102. Poet who wrote “She walks in beauty, like the night”, BYRON; 103. Belong, FITIN; 104. Blacksmith, often, SHOER; 105. Race of Norse deities, AESIR; 108. Picks up, LEARNS; 110. More like a bubble bath, SUDSIER; 117. Hams, EMOTERS; 118. World capital said to have been founded by King Midas, ANKARA; 119. Muse of astronomy, URANIA; 120. “Hmmm…”, LETSSEE; 121. Theater annoyance, BEEPER; 122. Manager, GETSBY.

I’ll leave out the much more interesting downs so that this doesn’t run into OT!


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Xword information -- Down: 1. Oomph; 2. W.W. II agcy.; 3. Movie with the repeated line “To infinity, and beyond!”; 4. Snobbery; 5. Site of many kisses; 6. Sound from a dungeon,;7. Hereditary’ 8. Around 1,000, e.g.: Abbr.; 9. Word repeated in Emily Dickinson’s “___ so much joy! ___ so much joy!”; 10. Winter vehicles with treads; 11. Yours, in Nemours; 12. Day care charges; 13. State in the Sierra Madre; 14. Game with Wild Draw Four cards; 15. Runs the hose over again; 10. Stopping place in a Carlo Levi title; 18. Ancient Jewish ascetic; 19. Lilliputian; 24. Home of the world’s northernmost capital: Abbr.; 28. “I Never Played the Game” writer; 30. Sanyo competitor; 31. ___ blocker; 33. “This Boy’s Life” author Wolff; 34. Nerve material?; 36. Health org.; 38. Stern cry?; 39. “Very funny!”; 40. Oscar winner Jannings and others; 43. Again and again?; 46. Spots; 49. Showed hospitality at the door; 50. Bygone muscle cars; 52. They have substantial bills; 54. Sen. Lott; 55. Mountain air; 56. Got started, with “up”; 57. Alternative to a hotel, briefly; 58. Cable channel whose first showing was “Gone With the Wind”; 60. John Wayne film, with “The”; 61. “Swan Lake” garb; 66. Makes an assertion; 68. Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 8 ___ minor; 69. Mass, for one; 70. Gallic girlfriend; 72. “Pagliacci” clown; 73. Guam, e.g.: Abbr.; 77. Aplenty; 78. Take back; 79. Ministre d’ ___; 81. You can count on them; 84. Texas toppers; 85. Delhi wrap; 86. Bygone Dodge; 88. Early 12th-century year; 90. What turned-out pants pockets may signify; 92. Slicker accessory; 93. Toastmaster General of old comedy; 94. Bury; 96. Last ride?; 97. Hungarian playwright known for “Lilliom”; 96. Like a line, briefly; 101. Pauses; 103. Partner in a French firm, maybe; 106. Hunk; 107. Actress Skye; 109. Put ___ in one’s ear; 111. Prior to, in verse; 113. Select; 114. We may precede this; 115. Ad ___; 116. Box on a calendar.

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