08.12.08 -- Test Card

Test Card -- SMPTE Color Bars
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Puzzle by Ray Fontenot, edited by Will Shortz
Replacing the letter L with the letter W of three television game show titles, clued to justify the replacement, is the amusement in today’s crossword -- YOUBETYOURWIFE (20A. TV game show that places spouses at risk?); WHATSMYWINE (37A. TV game show that quizzes oenophiles?); THEWEAKESTWINK (55A. TV game show that eliminates coy contestants?).
TV also gets mention with the match-up of ELLEN (64A. First name in TV talk) and LENO (7D. Last name in TV talk), sans the switch. The remaining longer entries are OLDFLAME (11D. Former imamorato or inamorata) and WAITHERE (37D. “Don’t move -- I’ll go for help”), followed by ISEEYOU (12D. “Peekaboo”) and SKETCHY (41. Lacking details).
Six-letter -- AENEAS (48D. Trojan War hero); ALEUTS (3A. Native Alaskans); CACAOS (32A. Chocolate trees); CLARET (34A. Red Bordeaux); FABRIC (9D. It’s sold by the yard); GRIEVE (47D. Show sorrow); PEEPED (45D. Espied Godiva, e.g.); SKICAP (43A. Winter topper); SLAYED (1D. Left rolling in the aisles, as an audience); TENANT (42A. Lease signer); 2D. Copenhagen’s TIVOLI Gardens; TSKTSK (49D. “You should have known better”).
Five-letter -- ABDUL (8D. Co-panelist of Cowell); AMEBA (15A. Amorphous critter); DENSE (67A Not the sharpest pencil in the box); ELTON (23A. “Crocodile Rock“ singer John); EARLE (52D. Country rocker Steve); 21D. ENOLA Gay (W.W. II bomber); GARBO (4D. Reclusive Greta); INEPT (39D. All thumbs); OWNED (54D. Had title to); PILAF (5A. Rice dish); 61A. PORES (53A. Reads closely, with “over”); PRIVY to (in on); RANDB (18A. Musical genre for Destiny’s Child); YEMEN (31D. Aden’s land).
Four-letter -- ACER (60A. Super server); AVER (17A. State firmly); CENT (33D. Coin whose front was last redesigned in 1909); CHIC (34D. In vogue); DESK (68A. Place for a blotter); ELSE (16A. Amorphous critter); EMUS (36A. Outback avians); ERST (30D. Once, once); ESAI (40A. Morales of “N.Y.P.D. Blue”); EROS (56D. Cupid’s Greek counterpart); EVAS (65A. Gabor and Longoria Parker); EVES (58D Times to revel); 6D. “If IMAY suggest …”; KILN (57D. Ceramist’s oven); LEOI (10D. Sainted fifth-century pope); LILA (14A. Oscar winner Kedrova); LOIS (10A. Colleague of Clark at the Daily Planet); NEET (62A. Nair competitor); NENE (46A. Hawaii’s state bird); OBEY (28A. Toe the line); ODEA (19A. Concert halls of old); PART (5D. A comb makes one); STAG (1A. Just for guys); SYNE (59D. January 1 song word) and TYNE (35D. Newcastle’s river); and 63A. “Comin’ THRO the Rye”.
Finally, the three-letter fill -- ATE, AWW, BAT, DIS, ESL, ESS, GAT, LET, LIP, LYE, SEA, WAN, WEE, WPA.
Testing, testing, one, two, three…
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