08.29.08 -- One Trick Pony

Merry-go-round, Leon Bibel, 1939
Friday, August 29, 2008
Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. Building blocks; 5. Way around in some comic books; 14. Bandar SERI Begawan (capital of Brunei); 15. Succumbs to interrogation, perhaps; 16. “Varsity Blues” actor Scott; 17. Annual college event since 1935; 18. Exceedingly rare infant; 20. Gravitate; 21. S.E. Hinton classic; 24. Purely physical; 25. Prefix with glottal; 26. Wave function symbol; 29. Light construction material; 30. Third-degree, in math; 32. Group from a very distant place; 33. Like; 34. Looking forward to being docked?; 36. Nail holder; 37. Breed; 38. Words after an iffy statement; 39. Rod; 41. K’ung Fu-TSE (Confucius); 42. Org. at the center of the 2007 memoir “At the Center of the Storm; 43. Like Ibsen, to his countrymen; 44. Providers of many openings?; 48. Director and star of the 1958 Best Foreign Language Film; 50. One whose motto is “The only easy day was yesterday”; 51. “No way, no how”; 54. No gentle giant; 55. Like some nonvoters; 56. Ancient dweller in present-day Kurdistan; 57. Sorry souls ; 58. “Step the meek fowls where ERST they ranged”: Emerson.
Down: 1. Component of morning dress; 2. They’re blown up and thrown up; 3. Image on Oregon’s state quarter; 4. Making waves?; 5. Shows; 6. Treasured instrument; 7. Real good-looker; 8. Where the N.Y. Liberty play; 9. Person who’s talented but not versatile, ONETRICKPONY; 10. Contents of some arms; 11. “That’s my cue!”; 12. More than spicy; 13. Many an ex-pat takes it; 15. “Mulholland Falls actor, 1996; 19. “That’s enough out of you!”, PUTASOCKINIT; 22. Payment option; 23. It might have a lot of extras; 26. Protest music pioneer; 27. Where many heads are put together; 28. Listener’s acknowledgment; 29. Provoke; 30. See 35-Down; 35. With 30-Down, locale of lots of locks; 31. Tour grp.; 40. Trying; 43. Rice product; 44. Brand with Ohranj and Razberi varieties, briefly; 45. Pass; 46. TARAS Bulba (literary Cossack); 47. Driving hazard; 48. Go for a few rounds?; 49. Swarms; 51. Go out for a bit?; 52. Absorbed; 53. Big blast.
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grandmums said...

Dear Donald,
I just googled tooktoonesfeet and was amazed to find entries like yours.

I had no idea that people were blogging about x-words!

The reason I'm writing is bcs I have several old NY Times x-word printing plates that I would like to sell.

Do you have any suggs as to how I might find interested buyers? Ebay didn't seem like the most productive way to reach x-word puzzle fans.

Thanks for any help you might offer.

DONALD said...


This site is strictly non-commercial -- you might try the for-profit sites of Rex Parker, JimH Crossword, or Diary of Crossword Fiend where items are sold on a regular basis and contributions to their sites are expected.