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Saturday, August 2, 2008
Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz
Having a bit of trouble with Blogger in posting, so I don't know how this will turn out. In any event, today's puzzle contains a great deal of variety, interesting entries and clever clues, this crossword makes for a satisfying Saturday solve. A few eye-catchers:
(14A. Beak) is slang for the human nose, probably an alteration of Yiddish snoyts (snout, muzzle) from the German schnauze.
(6D. Reading from a surveyor’s compass) is a word derived from the Arabic السمت ('as-sumūt') which means the ways, referring to the ways or directions a person faces.
(15D. She opined “Macho does not prove much”) was born was born as Sára Gabor (Zsa is Hungarian for Susan) and is the ex-step-great-grandmother of Paris Hilton.
(11D. Setting of Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”) (officially Via Vittorio Veneto) is one of the most famous and expensive streets in Rome, Italy. La Dolce Vita made the street famous in the 1960s and '70s.
(12D. Creator of Mr. Fielding and Prof. Godbole) Godbole is the ENIGMATIC (31A. Tough to crack) Hindu character in A Passage to India, the story of the Englishwoman Adela Quested, the Indian Dr Aziz, and the question of what did or did not happen between them in the Marabar Caves. Fielding, the English friend of Aziz takes a courageous stance in favor of Aziz during the latter's trial.
(38D. Perennial herb with florets sometimes) is a genus of about 150 species of perennial flowering plants, some species are invasive and considered to be noxious weeds.
(20A. It comes between Shaban and Shawwal), derives from an Arabic word for intense heat, scorched ground, and shortness of rations.
Other longer entries include
ALTIMETER (54A. It tells you how much you’ve 56-Across [which is RISEN]); ABSTENTIONS (27A. No-votes?); ASTONMARTIN (21D. Ride for 007); GETABADNAME (40A. Lose credibility), NEONTETRA (57A. Common addition to a tank), PROVISION (17A. Condition) and SAGEBRUSH (32D. State flower of Nevada).
Seven-letter entries include
AMATORY (39A. Like a Romeo’s adventures); ANISTON (39D. Co-star of “Friends” and “Friends With Money”); ARTISTE (49A. Left Bank frequenter); BOLSTER (26D. Support); DIGITAL (37A. Like most recorded music nowadays); GOBLETS (33A. Some crystal); HASFITS (24D. Rages); MESSIAH (30A. Promised one); PENDING (8D. Undecided).
41D. Dan DAILEY, 1948 Best Actor nominee for “When My Baby Smiles at Me”, INAFOG (35A. Spaced), NESTEA (36A. Brand with a three-leaf logo), SLOANE (7D. Title role in a Joe Orton play).
The five-letter group --
ABAFT (18A. Fore’s opposite); ACHOO (58A. Possible reaction to dander); ACURA (42D. Legend, e.g.); APTTO (45D. Probably will, after “is”); BIOTA (28D. That’s life); CRIME (16A. It may come in waves); ESPYS (1D. Annual sports awards since 1993); ESSEN (1A. Prussia annexed it in 1802); IBEAM (29D. Structural support); MAVEN (9A. Guru); NETWT (13D. It doesn’t include the packaging: Abbr.); NLERS (46D. D-backs, e.g.); ONAIR (43A. Sending out signals?); SCREE (2D. Cliffside detritus); SHOAT (3D. Piglet); SKOSH (60A. Smidge); TORAH (47D. Numbers place); UTURN (52A. Flip-flop); ZUNIS (25A. Dwellers along a tributary of the Little Colorado River).
Short stuff:
AMBS, ANNO, ARB, ASP (6A. Means of execution for favored criminals in antiquity), AYN, BERT, CAR (48A. It contains a dash), EMTS, ENV, MCAN, MID, NOIR (5D. Dark picture), PLO, RANT, REO, SAY, SETH, VOW, YEA.
EEK (55D. Reaction upon seeing something squeak by?)!
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