10.31.09 -- Quadrupuzzle VI

October 31, 2009 -- Halloween
Puzzle by Robert H. Wolfe, edited by Will Shortz
Today's crossword is essentially four small puzzles joined in the center by a few letters. Divided by four big black "hammers", each quadrant needs to be solved separately. This is the sixth New York Times crossword of this type over the past two years -- See
12.01.07 -- Quadrupuzzle; 09.20.08 -- Quadrupuzzle III and 07.18.09 -- Quadrupuzzle V all with the same diagram. 12.22.07 -- Quadrupuzzle II a close variation; and the least claustrophobic, 10.17.08 -- Quadrupuzzle IV.
Puzzle 1 (Upper left) -- Across: 1. It’s usually good to stick to them, FACTS; 13.
Escapee who fell to his death in the sea, ICARUS; 16. Fix, SCRAPE; 18. Good resting place?, HEAVEN; 20. Harbored, IN PORT; 22. Plus other things, ET ALIA; 24. One side of a leaf, RECTO; 26. Opposite of a surplus, DEARTH. Down: 1. Comparatively shady, FISHIER; 2. Spotlit, say, ACCENTED; 3. Shell, CARAPACE; 4. He played a governor in “Primary Colors”, TRAVOLTA; 5. Like the 2 in “x squared”, SUPERIOR; 14. Wagnerian heroine, SENTA.
Puzzle 2 (Upper right) -- Across: 6. Makes less offensive, DISARMS; 15.
Spanning frameworks, GANTRIES; 17. Upstate New York town where I.B.M. was founded, ENDICOTT; 19. Cuts off, ISOLATES; 21. Less agitated, SERENER; 23. Brilliantly dressed cavalrymen, HUSSARS; 25. Aid in answering: Abbr., SASE. Down: 6. Frequent Degas subjects, DANSEUSES; 7. Supported: Var., INDORSED; 8. Subway station sights, STILES; 9. Secrets, ARCANA; 10. Tears may be brought to one’s eyes, RIOTER; 11. Curbside lineup, METERS; 12. They had adjustable noses, SSTS; 15. Companion abroad, GEISHA.
Puzzle 3 (Lower left) -- Across: 33.
Things that turn up in gardens?, HOES; 37. They rise and fall periodically, EMPIRES; 42. Like the lion’s share, LARGEST; 44. Imbue with flavor, in a way, MARINATE; 46. Pneumatic power producer, AIR MOTOR; 48. Disdainful bunch, SNEERERS; 50. Earthly, TERRENE. Down: 25. Establishment with many horns, SHOE STORE; 27. Be imminent, THREATEN; 37. Unrequited lover of legend, ELAINE; 38. Graffitist, e.g., MARRER; 39. It may be under enamel, PRIMER; 40. Slight, IGNORE; 44. Yard supporter, MAST.
Puzzle 4 (Lower right) -- Across: 28.
Johnny Depp title role, ED WOOD; 35 French following?, APRES; 41. Axial skeleton parts, STERNA; 43. Kind of view, AERIAL; 45. 1974 pop hit with Spanish lyrics, ERES TU; 47. Yet to hit the shelves, NOT OUT; 49. Biting writing, SATIRE; 51. Mustard family members, KALES. Down: 29. Tree of Southeastern swamplands, WATER OAK; 30. Johann Strauss work, OPERETTA; 31. Perfume ingredient, ORRIS OIL; 32. Change the essence of, DENATURE; 36. Pays tribute to, SALUTES; 41. Saint-SAENS (Fauré contemporary).
Go four it!
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