09.05.10 — Hurly-Burly — the Diagramless

Sunday, September 5, 2010

DIAGRAMLESS, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz

A hurly-burly grid greets the solver in this hither and thither diagramless crossword — cul-de-sacs abound, producing the effect of a half-dozen small puzzles. The first across entry is made at the sixth square.

Across — 1. Like swollen ankles or Champagne, ICED; 5. A, B+, C-, etc., MARKS; 10. Superior to, ABOVE; 11. Pelvic-bone related, ILIAC; 12. Ivory tower resident, ACADEMIC; 15. Lethargic state, SOPOR; 16. Taunts on a basketball court, e.g., TRASH TALK; 17. Playthings for two, SEESAWS; 20. Pull together, UNITE; 21. Mustangs’ sch., SMU; 23. Nanki-POO of “The Mikado”; 24. Stupid blunder, BONER; 25. Highly valued, ESTEEMED; 29. Shows otherwise, REFUTES; 34. Four-star reviews, RAVES; 35. Org. for ex-soldiers, VFW; 38. Degree seekers’ hurdles, ORALS; 39. Playground rejoinder, ARE TOO; 41. Like, ALA; 42. Spam folder filler, JUNK E-MAIL; 44. Band aid, AMP; 45. Shriner’s cap adornment, TASSEL; 47. Put on the books, ENACT; 48. Net judge’s call, LET; 49. Queensland or Tasmania, STATE; 50. Fills at the filling station, TANKS UP; 53. “How dare you!”, THE NERVE; 55. Some open mic performers, POETS; 59. Cut down, HEW; 60. Nav. Rank, ENS; 62. Sign of life, PULSE; 63. Sources of wisdom, ORACLES; 67. Cat owner’s buy, LITTER BOX; 71. Workshop collection TOOLS; 72. Dismounts, UNHORSES; 73. Bring out, EVOKE; 74. Improvises, musically, SCATS; 75. Turn away, REPEL; 76. Be misanthropic, HATE.

Down — 1. “Yeah, right!”, I BET; 2. Stuporous sleep, COMA; 3. From hell, EVIL; 4. Sends to the canvas, DECKS; 5. Wifey, MISSUS; 6. Flowering suculent, ALOE;7. Opportune, RIPE; 8. Villainous “Get Smart” organization, KAOS; 9. Material for recycling, SCRAP METAL; 10. Hold fast, ADHERE; 12. Florence’s river, ARNO; 13. Superman portrayer Dean, CAIN; 14. Yellow-centered bloomer, ASTER; 16. Margarine holder, TUB; 18. Deplorably bad, old-style, WOESOME; 19. The Auld SOD (Ireland); 22. Military dining hall worker, MESSMAN; 26. Red hair and freckles, e.g., TRAITS; 27. Viscount’s superior, EARL; 28. Time to party, maybe, EVE; 30. More revolting, FOULER; 31. Coffee holder, URN; 32. Break for coffee, say, TAKE TEN; 33. Justice Kagan, ELENA; 35. Winery sight, VAT; 36. Person who’s overexposed?, FLASHER; 37. Industrial discharge, WASTE WATER; 40. Take one’s pick, OPT; 42. Ballet leap, JETE; 43. Expletive from Bill the Cat, ACK; 46. SAN Jacinto, Calif.; 51. Some berths, UPPERS; 52. Comes down hard, POURS; 53. Despite the fact that, for short, THO; 54. Toby or tankard, VESSEL; 56. Hamburg’s river, ELBE; 57. General TSOS chicken; 58. It sells, they say, SEX; 61. Winter headache, SLUSH; 64. Place to moor, COVE; 65. Cloverleaf part, LOOP; 66. Sommer on the screen, ELKE; 68. Quechua speaker, INCA; 69. Pointer’s word, THAT; 70. Fund-raiser’s giveaway, perhaps, TOTE.


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