09.19.10 — Stylish in the Past — Cryptic Crossword

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cryptic Crossword by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon, edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Tea Partier cracked, “Go back to your own country” (10), REPATRIATE; 6. Biting a hand holding the first piece of cake (4), ACID; 9. Quiet carpet with raised shoulders (5), SHRUG; 10. Schiavone mixed up pizza toppings (9), ANCHOVIES; 12. Recipient of a tribute to a tailless horse (7), TOASTEE; 13. Pull fish back in a nautical direction (7), LEEWARD; 14. Poet with bad blood type returned Army material (5, 4), OLIVE DRAB; 17. Endlessly shop without buying arches (5), BROWS; 18. Fraternity symbol, sign and map left incomplete (5), SIGMA; 19. Apple computer’s board in conversation with a quantum theory proponent (3, 6), MAX PLANCK; 21. Letter from an admirer with cooler armor (3, 4), FAN MAIL; 22. Football player mom dressed in sheets (7), LINEMAN; 24. New era begins in part of the North Pacific (6, 3), BERING SEA; 25. Pastoral poem not doing much for listeners (5), IDYLL; 26. Opponent of Clinton’s welfare system (4), DOLE; 27. Unsafe terminal riled up (10), ENDANGERED.

Down — 1. Nuts to stir with egg and grains in an Italian style (7), RISOTTO; 2. Temporarily leave a jacket for cold weather (5), PARKA; 3. Reunited what a woman’s financial planner wants? (8, 5), TOGETHER AGAIN; 4. After losing the lead, National Leaguer is furious (5), IRATE; 5. Knock down and punch a fisherman’s companion (6, 3), TACKLEBOX; 7. Stylish in the past, an urban Prairie Stater (9), CHICAGOAN; 8. Square dance figures I inserted between Spanish couples? (2-2-3), DO SI DOS; 11. A bracing novel oddly needing to be straightened (13), OVERBALANCING; 15. Range line shifted, as a rule (2, 7), IN GENERAL; 16. Ron, taking walks, tells stories rather aimlessly (7, 2), RAMBLES ON; 18. Beads of plastic in convertible (4, 3), SOFA BED; 20. Lit class was first (7), KINDLED; 22. Andes native in gorilla mask (5), LLAMA; 23. Might, or a position of power (5), MAYOR.


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