09.10.10 — HOW-D'YE-DO!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Puzzle by Peter Wentz, edited by Will Shortz

Odd clues and questionable answers are the main feature of this freakish Friday crossword:

Across — 1. Hot dogs, SHOW OFFS; 9. It’s all ivory and no ebony, C MAJOR; 15. NyQuil ingredient?, CAPITAL Q; 16. Change the boundaries of, REZONE; 17. “Speak of the devil!”, OH IT’S YOU; 18. Opposite of abridge, EXTEND; 19. Racked (up), RAN; 20. Some westerns, EPICS; 22. Class with graphs, for short, ECON; 23. Danger for a king, CHECK; 26. Its max. score is 240, PSAT; 27. Leonardo’s “The Aviator” co-star, CATE; 28. Sported, HAD ON; 29. Crotchety cries, EHS; 30. OSMIC acid (microscopic staining compound); 31. Hayseed’s greeting, HOW D’YE-DO; 34. Luther opponent Johann ECK; 35. Derek who played Claudius in “I, Claudius”, JACOBI; 38. Walks in the park, AMBLES; 40. Havana greeting, ALO; 41. 1995 platinum rap hit that starts “To all the ladies in the place with style and grace”, BIG POPPA; 45. Polish capital, ZLOTY; 47. Formal girl, DEB; 48. Salma of the screen, HAYEK; 52. Big name in retail jewelry, ZALE; 53. Structures near cell walls, BARS; 54. Trash-talks, SLAMS; 55. Golden Globe winner Sommer, ELKE; 56. “Leaving Brooklyn: OY VEY!” (Williamsburg Bridge sign); 58. One with notions, KIT; 59. What’s going on, DOINGS; 61. Fiji rival, AQUA FINA; 64. Briefs, e.g., UNDIES; 65. Literally, “sweet song”, DULCIMER; 66. Bygone currency, PESETA; 67. Visual aids?, EYE EXAMS.

Down — 1. Really let have it, SCORCH; 2. Response to sarcasm, HA HA HA; 3. Theorized, OPINED; 4. Swift gift, WIT; 5. Decisive periods, briefly, OTS; 6. Tammy FAYE of 1970s-’80s TV; 7. Was a turkey, FLOPPED; 8. Like a wet Nerf ball, SQUISHY; 9. Roadrunner feature, CREST; 10. Code for Latin America’s busiest airport, MEX; 11. San Diego State team, AZTECS; 12. Much-maligned mascot, JOE CAMEL; 13. Warned, ON NOTICE; 14. Hillbillies’ cousins, REDNECKS; 21. What a sleuth tries to close, CASE; 24. Alaskan salmon, COHO; 25. Tuberous, KNOBBY; 30. Punches, OOMPH; 32. Boom Blox console, WII; 33. Fist bump, DAP; 35. With added spice, JAZZED UP; 36. Without any help, ALL ALONE; 37. Nerd-rejecting high-school group, COOL KIDS; 39. Ancient fertility god, BAAL; 42. Victorian’s greeting, G’DAY; 43. Be everywhere in, PERVADE; 44. Burial rite, OBSEQUY; 46. Very small, as a bikini in a 1960 hit, TEENIE; 49. Washington city or county, YAKIMA; 50. 2009 Grammy winner for “Relapse”, EMINEM; 51. Orange dwarfs, K STARS; 53. Nova lead-in, BOSSA; 57. Time to visit a lot of trees, YULE; 60. Confound, GET; 62. Buddy, ACE; 63. Pickle, FIX.


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