09.11.10 — HUNH?

Saturday, September 11, 2010 — Nine years ago today...

Puzzle by Brad Wilbur, edited by Will Shortz

In the event that solvers have a little extra time on their hands, this stunning Saturday crossword delivers a knockout to sanguinity. Clues are rife with vagary and more than a few entries are downright unfair — what’s in this HOBO BAG (54A. Boho-chic accessory)? From stasher of ration to passion of fashion, sum it up with HUNH (57D. “What the …?”)…

The large items — FACE TOWEL (32D. First-class flight amenity), GREEN BELT (13D. What may encircle a rising chopper?), ICELANDIC (12D. Like the Great Geysir), MT ST HELENS (66A. High point of 1980 news), REBOUND GUY (60A. One often picked up after a split), RING A BELL (33D. Trigger familiarity), SUEZ CRISIS (17A. Campaign setting for Moshe Dayan), THE BAD SEED (1A. 1958 film that earned an Oscar nomination for 11-year-old Patty McCormack), UNSUNG HERO (64A. Person not credited for a save?), VELOCIPEDE (15A. Victorian conveyance).

Other stuff — ACCUSED (5D. Like defendants), ACT OUT 46D. Misbehave), EDIT MENU (9D. Paste container?), FBI AGENT (38D. One on a big case), GOD’S ACRE (14D. Churchyard, quaintly), J M SYNGE (43D. Playwright who co-founded the AbbeyTheatre), OLD LINE (26D. Handle final details of), RAMS HOME (38D. One on a big case), REM SLEEP (28A. A catnap may not provide it), SPIELS (7D. What barkers bark), TICKLES (21A. Sneeze triggers), UP IN ARMS (45A. Strongly protesting).

Rummage — ACNE and ACRO, AEC, ARUM (55D. Jack-in-the-pulpit, e.g.), ASANA, AWGEE, BILE, BOZ, CAP, DESI, DIRK, DNA, EAGER, EES, EJECT, ELENA, ELLO, ERN, FRODO, HEURE, KRONE, LOM, MEG, MELD, MOPUP, MOURN, NBC, NEED, OBESE, ODER (35A. The Warta’s outlet), OWEN, PFLUG (37A. “Candid Camera” co-host Jo Ann), RAIN, RIGG, RONDO, SEAMY, STARR (47A. Whitewater navigator?), TEAKS, THY, TVSET, UBI major, minor, cessat”, UKE, URB, WOO, YOYOS.

Oh why don't you work
Like other men do.
How the hell can I work
When there's no work to do?

Hallelujah, I'm a bum.
Hallelujah, bum again
Hallelujah, give us a handout
To revive us again.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 11. Bond girl opposite Lazenby; 16. Lofty beginning?; 18. Grant consideration; 19. Follower of directions; 20. What a lei person might pick?; 23. Trees in the mint family; 25. Player of Clouseau’s superior; 27. Yoga posture; 31. “McMillan & Wife” network; 32. Protagonist bound for Mordor; 34. Basis of many positive Ids; 36. It often messes tresses; 39. Ancient humor; 40. Situation a teen wants cleared up?; 42. Boot; 44. Eldest of an Alcott quartet; 49. Post-Manhattan Project org.; 50. Hardly wholesome; 58. “___ plaintive anthem fades”: Keats; 58. Try one’s suit on?; 59. Film critic Gleiberman; 63. Become inseparable; 65. East End greeting. — DOWN: 1. Hospital room fixture; 2. 3,600 secondes; 3. Classmate of Felicity on “Felicity; 4. Name attached to some 1836 “Sketches”; 6. Dagger; 8. Some wiring whizzes: Abbr.; 10. First name in ‘50s comedy; 11. They’re often closed in an emergency; 22. Budgeting concern; 24. Coin with the monogram of King Harald V; 29. Handle final details of; 30. Itching; Struggling with middle management?; 45. L.A.-based music magazine; 48. Many a Beethoven work; 51. “That’s a shame”; 52 Emulate Electra; 53. Shows great instability; 55. Jack-in-the-pulpit, e.g.; 61. Some four-year degs.; 62. FedEx rival.

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Anonymous said...

Hunh? Will Shuntz has set a new low in his otherwise fine puzzles.