09.02.10 — Nothing At All


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer and Andrea Carla Michaels, edited by Will Shortz

Every across answer reads from right to left — or as this awful Thursday puzzle itself prefers, SSORCA YREVE (24A. Start of instructions for soling this puzzle), MORF SDAER REWSNA (38A. Instructions, part 2) and TFEL OT THGIR (47A. End of the instructions).

Remaining Across — 1. Skins, SLEEP; 6. It’s hardly haute cuisine, POLS; 10. Miracle-ORG; 13. Go over again, PACER; 14. “ASTI girl!”; 15. Active volcano near Messina, ANTE; 16. ALONE Gay; 17. Move text around, TIDE; 18. Not a dupe: Abbr., GIRO; 19. On the MAL; 20. Goddess of discord, SIRE; 22. Late-night beverage, FACED; 23. Season opener?, SSE; 27. Winter air, LEON; 28. Relative of -esque, HSI; 29. Helicopter part, ROTOR; 32. A number one, SPOT; 34. Misses, SLAG; 41. Aids for police detectives, SPIT; 42. Lake bordered by four states, EIRE; 43. Female, formally, MADAM; 44. Dashiell Hammett hero DEN Beaumont; 45. Nautilus leader, OMEN; 55. Brand of wafers, ALLIN; 56. Height: Prefix, ORCA; 57. Suffix with ranch, ORE; 58. Cross, DOOR; 59. Word from a Latin lover?, TAMA; 61. Matriculate, LORNE; 63. The Blue AJAR (Hank Azaria’s “Mystery Men” role); 64. Penthouse pinups, STEP; 65. Rover, DAMON; 66. Figs., SON; 67. Circus trainer’s prop, POOH; 68. Divisions propitious, STATE.

Down — 1. Bombards with e-junk, SPAMS; 2. Lots of “Deck the Halls”, LALAS; 3. Professeur’s place, ECOLE; 4. Poet’s time of day, EEN; 5. Nes whose work is decreasing?, PRESSERS; 6. Denis, to France, PATRON SAINT; 7. Flexible weaving material, OSIER; 8. British co., LTD; 9. “Sprechen SIE Deutsch?”; 10. Not neat, ON ICE; 11. Prelate’s title: Abbr., RT REV; 12. All-natural sparkler, GEODE; 15. John who co-starred in “Sands of Iwo Jima”, AGAR; 21. Prefix with metric, ISO; 22. “This might be of interest,” on a memo, FYI; 25. Stage, CHOREOGRAPH; 26. College sci. class, ASTR; 27. Overhead cost for an artist?, LOFT; 29. Bldg. units, RMS; 30. “Alley OOP!”; 31. Angular prefix, TRI; 33. PER curiam (like some court rulings); 34. Constellation next to the Dragon, with “the” SWAN; 35. Much-discussed initials of a 1967 Beatles song, LSD; 36. Bibliographic suffix, ANA; 37. Pinup feature, GAME; 39. It bugs bugs, DEET; 40. Green rocks, EMERALDS; 44. Opposite of remove, DON; 46. Bit of A/V equipment, MIC; 47. Performance fanfares, TADAS; 48. 1988 Olympic track star, informally, FLO-JO; 49. Online financial services company, E-LOAN; 50. One way to N.Y.C.’s Penn Sta., LIRR; 51. Prefix with -path, HOMEO; 52. Bellini opera, NORMA; 53. Words after “whether”, OR NOT; 54. Designer Geoffrey BEENE; 59. Abbr. on a cough syrup bottle, TSP; 60. A TO Z; 62. Kind of bran, OAT.

If you have nothing nice to say, say Nothing At All.


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