09.23.10 — RING CYCLE

Das Rheingold, Scene 1.
(From the original sketch for the scenery used at Bayreuth, by J. Hoffmann.)


Thursday, September 23, 2010 — Autumnal Equinox

Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz

Today’s crossword is headed with the note: When this puzzle is completed, the circled letters starting at 21-Across and reading clockwise, will reveal the first part of 17-Across. Well, that’s DAS RHEINGOLD. 17-Across, clued as Musical work in four parts, with its first part opening the Met’s 2010-11 season is RING CYCLE. From there, OPERA GOER (35A. Attendee at a 17-Across), BARITONES (59A. Singing voices in the 17-Across), 11D. “Die WALKÜRE (Second part of the 17-Across), LEVINE (13D. Met maestro James, longtime conductor of the 17-Across), SOPRANO (39D. Singing voice in the 17-Across), and WAGNER (44D. Composer of the 17-Across) complete the interrelated entries of this excellent Thursday crossword.

The Metropolitan Opera web site proclaims: The Met’s 2010–11 season kicks off on September 27 with the gala premiere of Robert Lepage's new production of Wagner’s "Das Rheingold." James Levine, celebrating his 40th anniversary with the Met, will conduct, and Bryn Terfel stars as Wotan. Curtain time is 6.45pm.

In this Sept. 13, 2010 photo (above) provided by the Metropolitan Opera, a scene from Wagner's "Das Rheingold" is rehearsed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The set, created by director Robert Lepage and unlike any ever seen on an opera stage, will be put on public view for the first time Monday night Sept. 27, when the company opens its season with “Das Rheingold," first of the four operas that make up the "Ring" cycle. From left are Eric Owens as Alberich, Bryn Terfel as Wotan, and Richard Croft as Loge. (AP Photo/Metropolitan Opera, Ken Howard)The Canadian Press.

Must-read article "The Valhalla Machine" with photographs and video in The New York Times — HERE

OtherABSENCE (2D. It may be excused), ARCADE (10D. Pac-Man centers), CONGEST (45A. Clog up), DINE OUT (1D. Patronize a bistro, say), DOWSERS (29A. Divining rods), NUCLEIC ACIDS (27A. With 6-Down, genetic carriers), ORIOLES (43D. Birds with hanging nests), ROTH IRA (49A. Savings vehicle), TIPTOES (42D. Sneaks [around]), UNTIRED (40D. Peppy).

Mid-size — COMBAT, DRIVE, Yankee ELSTON Howard, 1963 A.L. M.V.P., ENSUE, FLEER (65A. First company to successfully manufacture bubblegum), HASSLE, IN NEED, KNEADS, LEGATO (8D. Smooth and connected), LIBEL, LIE TO, MOULIN Rouge, NEURAL (3D. Kind of network), Down ON ONE knee, RISE TO (24A Meet, as expectations), VEERED, TURNER (48D. Hurt‘s “Body Heat“ co-star), VEERED.

Short stuff — ACNE, AKA, ANEW, Ireland’s ARAN Islands, Eat like A PIG, AROW, CROW, DANK, DEAR, DUD, EMIT, ESP, ETE, EXT, GENX, GERI, HAWK, HAY (9D. Mudders fodder), ICER, INRI (56A. Letters on a crucifix), IONA, IWO, JAIL (5A. “The Usual Suspects“ setting), JAR, Artist Paul KLEE, LOFT, METE, MRI, NAG, OMG. OPT,O SOLE Mio”, SEW, SUM, Big SUR, SVEN Kramer, 2010 Dutch Olympic gold medalist in speed skating, TESS (68A. Trueheart of the comics), TODO, TOW, USE.


An Autumnal Equinox Prayer

May we know the depth and width of the patterns that hold us today. May we recognize the preciousness of each atom that, by being right where it needs to be, creates balance and stability and wholeness. May we be awed by the sheer beauty in the wholeness of it all. — Rev. Meg Riley, Church of the Larger Fellowship 


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Like many a cellar; 9. Peddle; 13. Suit material?; 14. Unwanted spots; 16. Come next; 19. Went off on a tangent; 21. Sugar; 22. Letters between a name and a nickname; 23. Hebrides isle; 26. Turkey; 31. Somme time; 34. Practice; 39. Bottom line; 41. Boomers’ kids; 42. What you might need after a breakdown; 51. Decide; 55. Hosp. test in a tube; 63. All over; 64. Parcel (out); 65. Bother; 67. In ranks. — DOWN: 5. It might get tips; 7. Strapped; 12. Folds, presses and stretches; 18. Exult; 20. Motivation; 25. “Happy Birthday” writer, say; 28. Medium strength?; 33. Kvetch; 35. “Yikes!,” online; 36. Spice Girl Halliwell; 38. No. after a no.; 45. Fighting; 46. Issue; 47. County next to Napa; 50. Bother; 53. Mislead, and more; 58. Artist’s pad?; 60. W.W. II site, briefly; 61. Clinch, with “up”.

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