02.04.11 — Cold Response?

Infrared satellite image of the "Groundhog Day Storm" of 2011, taken at 8 pm EST February 1, 2011 — National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Goddard Space Flight Center


Friday, February 4, 2011

Puzzle by Ashton Anderson, edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Unbeatable mark, A-PLUS; 6. Ne plus ultra, ACME; 10. “Squawk Box” airer, CNBC; 14. Ship out, HIT THE ROAD; 16. Ring event after exchanging rings, HORA; 17. Affectionate utterance, ENDEARMENT; 18. Sharing, IN ON; 19. Sustenance for a fatigued person?, MESS; 20. Name in old German duchies, SAXE; 21. Like many Scandinavians, BLOND; 22. Event at which reporters rub elbows?, MEDIA FRENZY; 24. One in an affair, FLAME; 28. Still no more, ASTIR; 29. Parisian possessive, SES; 30. Like “10,” but not “9”, RATED R; 32. Puncher’s nickname, TEX; 33. Life VEST; 34. Boss’s address?, E STREET; 36. Chance to meet, RUN INTO; 38. “Fusses” is a form of it, ÊTRE; 39. It’s not a very big story, FIB; 41. Heavenly radio source, PULSAR; 42. Like a Scottish young ‘un, SMA; 43. Asteroid belt orbiter, CERES; 45. Harvester maker, DEERE; 46. Potentially paintable, PICTURESQUE; 49. Encrypt?, INTER; 50. Stagger, STUN; 51. Sister co. of Applebee’s, IHOP; 55. Impoverish, RUIN; 56. E-tail detail, DOMAIN NAME; 58. Poem referencing “the darker brother”, I TOO; 59. Modicum, SMATTERING; 60. Volunteer’s place: Abbr., TENN; 61. It may change your perspective, LENS; 62. Backing, AEGIS.

Down — 1. Tap-on-the shoulder alternative, AHEM; 2. Paneling material, PINE; 3. Old Fords, LTDS; 4. Mountain West team, UTES; 5. Oldies syllable, SHA; 6. It may include destroyers, ARMADA; 7. Nice thing to do peacefully, CO-EXIST; 8. Beast to beware, MANEATER; 9. It starts in Mar. in D.C., EDT; 10. Its flag is red, white and blue, CHILE; 11. Plain and simple, NO NONSENSE; 12. Award won by Henry Fonda, BRONZE STAR; 13. Where suckers lure people?, CANDY STORE; 15. Relative of Manx, ERSE; 21. Cold response?, BRR; 22. Member of an extensive empire of the seventh century B.C., MEDE; 23. Play matchmaker for, FIX UP; 24. Maker of one’s own rules, FREE SPIRIT; 25. Under-the-wire, LAST MINUTE; 26. Chemistry, ATTRACTION; 27. Slight, MERE; 31. Direct, REFER; 33. Noxious, TIRESOME; 35. Like a nudnik, VILE; 37. As one entered the world, NUDE; 40. Keeper of the rings, BEST MAN; 43. Many a stray, CUR; 44. Leg-building set, SQUATS; 47. Joint part, TENON; 48. Knot, say, UNIT; 51. Dictator’s start, IN RE; 52. Watergate-era White House chief of staff, HAIG; 53. Westin alternative, OMNI; 54. Ringtoss equipment, PEGS; 56. Connection letters, DSL; 57. Grant grp., NEA.


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