02.12.11 — Them Is Fits!

Sunrise on the Matterhorn, 1875, Albert Bierstadt


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puzzle by Joel Fagliano, edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Urban playground barb, YO MAMA JOKE; 11. MONT Cervin (11-Down, to French speakers); 15. All-purpose putdown, WHAT A LOSER; 16. Keystone’s place, ARCH; 17. Region with the highest concentration of national parks in the U.S., COLORADO PLATEAU; 19. “Don’t forget about me”, AHEM; 20. “The best of animals,” in a classic children’s book, MISTER TOAD; 21. Curly rider?, MOE; 22. Work’s antithesis, briefly, REC; 23. “Football Night in America” host, COSTAS; 27. It develops before your eyes, POLAROID; 32. Like 21-Across’s behavior, ANTIC; 33. What runs ruin, PANTYHOSE; 34. Set of sheets, REAM; 35. They’re prepared for breaks, CASTS; 36. The redbud is one of its symbols: Abbr., OKLA; 37. Try demonstrating that one can, ATTEMPT TO; 39. Buttinsky, PRIER; 40. Fifth-century capital of the Visigoths, TOULOUSE; 41. It’s dangerous to do on the road, NINETY; 42. Bearded TIT; 43. What some A.L.’ers play for, SOX; 44. 1961 film scripted by Arthur Miller, THE MISFITS, parse it "them is fits!"; 49. Capping, ATOP; 53. They’re the cutest in the world, per a hit song, CALIFORNIA GIRLS; 55. Handful, maybe, BRAT; 56. “Ooh, aren’t you special!”; WELL LA DI DA; 57. Composition of some hedgerows, YEWS; 58. Education supporters, STATE TAXES.

Down — 1. Geneva-based org., YWCA; 2. “I know that one!”, OH OH; 3. Father or son, MALE; 4. Excitable one, ATOM; 5. Nick, say, MAR; 6. Poplar trees, ALAMOS; 7. Foster child in ‘60s TV commercials, JODIE; 8. Some growlers, in Granada, OSOS; 9. Didn’t surrender, KEPT; 10. “Out o the Silence” novelist Cox, ERLE; 11. It was first conquered in 1865, MATTERHORN; 12. Its outsides are ornately embossed, OREO COOKIE; 13. Org. with a Hall of Champions, NCAA; 14. Fall’s end, THUD; 18. Variety, ARRAY; 21. Leopard runner, MAC; 23. 100 points, CARAT; 24. Almost at the hour, ONE TO; 25. Result of bill-passing, STATUTE LAW; 26. Features of many quiz shows, TIME LIMIT; 27. What a copier will often do, PASTE; 28. Seeing right through, ONTO; 29. Some police dept. personnel, LTS; 30. It may have a single palm, ISLET; 31. Sugar, DEARY; 33. Spread things?, PATS; 35. Hi-tech “guts”, CPU; 38. Interior decorator’s concern, MOTIF; 39. 27-Acrosses, slangily, PIX; 41. Key phrase, NO SALE; 43. Cousin of an avocet, STILT; 44. Tastee-Freez alternative, TCBY; 45. Fabulous slacker, HARE; 46. Pigtailed mothers?, SOWS; 47. Not rest easy, FRET; 48. Visiting the Getty, e.g., IN LA; 49. “Another Pyramid” musical, AIDA; 50. Honeycomb alternative, TRIX; 51. Quaint, quaintly, OLDE; 52. Some TV spots, briefly, PSAS; 54. Piece of the ‘hood, GAT.


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