02.26.11 — The Very Spice of Life

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Puzzle by Bob Peoples, edited by Will Shortz

Nothing wrong with this Saturday crossword that a good cup of morning wake-up and a pencil with a generous eraser cannot cure — variety has been said to be the spice of life and, if that is so, then this little slice of life has spice.

Across — 1. Glamorous, high-profile pair, IT COUPLE; 9. Group worshiping at a teocalli, AZTECS; 15. Make airtight, in a way, HEAT SEAL; 16. Shut in, COOP UP; 17. Light pop, EAR CANDY; 18. Remove some strips from, UNTAPE; 19. Ham preserver?, ARK; 20. Red flag for the I.R.S., FALSE RETURN; 22. Some deer, ROES; 24. Olympus rival, LEICA; 25. Big Red rivals, ELIS; 26. Goofballs, YOYOS; 28. Italian possessive adjective, SUA; 29. Gregor’s sister in “The Metamorphosis”, GRETE; 30. Lager brand, AMSTEL; 32. Band with the 1985 #1 hit “Broken Wings”, MR MISTER; 34. California river, EEL; 36. Not too sharp, DIM; 37. Shoot for the stars, THINK BIG; 42. Amphibious W.W. II vehicle, AMTRAC; 47. Decorating do-overs, for short, RENOS; 48. Pal, BUB; 50. Longtime classical music label, ERATO; 51. Class with many makeup exams?: Abbr., ANAT; 52. Avifauna, ORNIS; 54. Routing aid: Abbr., ATTN; 55. “She’s as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of Nile” speaker, MRS MALAPROP; 58. Documentarian Burns, RIC; 59. Potpourri collection, PETALS; 60. Ex, OLD FLAME; 62. Many a homeowner, LIENEE; 63. Having a flush, RED-FACED; 64. “The Diary of Anne Frank” Oscar nominee, ED WYNN; 65. Optician’s offer, TRY THESE.

Down — 1. “Amen, bro!”, I HEAR YA; 2. Spot for a spot, TEA ROOM; 3. Set for driving, CAR KEYS; 4. Needing no script, OTC; 5. Ace’s setting: Abbr., USAF; 6. Like some laws, PENAL; 7. Big dippers, LADLES; 8. Perfectly happy state, ELYSIUM; 9. Maker of the ZDX crossover, ACURA; 10. Man-to-man alternative, ZONE; 11. Is close to failure, TOTTERS; 12. Fringe holder, EPAULET; 13. Certain red ore, CUPRITE; 14. One-named fictional detective, SPENSER; 21. Wishes one can get on a PC?, ECARD; 23. Inveterate brown-bagger, SOT; 27. Bird-dogs, SEEKS; 29. Curt command, GIMME; 31. Country with a tree on its flag: Abbr., LEB; 33. Italian possessive adjective, MIA; 35. Hydra’s neighbor, LIBRA; 37. Crush, TRAMPLE; 38. He played Laszlo in “Casablanca”, HENREID; 39. All anxious, IN A STEW; 40. Two, say, NOT MANY; 41. Opening for firing, GUNPORT; 43. Melodic bit, TRA; 44. Exhausting thing to run, RAT RACE; 45. Intermittently, AT TIMES; 46. Accept as valid, CONCEDE; 49. Competitive lumberjack, BIRLER; 52. Cub reporter of comics, OLSEN; 53. Like some outfields, SODDY; 56. Chrysler Building architect William Van ALEN; 57. Indication of a dud, PFFT; 61. LAH-di-dah.

“Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”
~ William Cowper


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kelly said...

Well now I know that Ken Burns has a little brother!