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Pandora, 1869, Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puzzle by Robert W. Harris, edited by Will Shortz

MISS MANNERS (16A. Proper way to behave in Biloxi?), ORE ASSAY (23A. Evaluation in Eugene?), WASH RAG (32A. Syncopated piano piece for Seattle residents?), ILL WINDS (45A. Chicago balloonists’ needs?) and MASS TRANSIT (52A. Commuter trains in Boston?) are the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

Other — ABREAST, ANIMATE, ANSWERS, ARSENIC, DRAGS ON, ENLISTS, OLD-TIME, ORPHEUS (23D. The father of songs, according to Pindar), PANDORA (13D. First woman, in Greek myth), PURSUE and PERUSAL, RAIDERS, RELABEL, TIE-DYES.

Mid-size — AKITAS, ARENA, DELANO (19A. Part of F.D.R.), DENIED, DIONNE (44D. Singer Warwick), GASPED, KENTS, LESLIE (4D. Howard of “Gone With the Wind“), MAITRE d’, NURSES, OGRES, PEONS, REPROS, SET OUT, SEUSS, SNEAKY, STAGED, 30A Austria’s TRAPP Family Singers, WEIRDO.

Short stuff — ABS, ADE and ARE and ARM, ARAL Sea (shrinking body of water), ASHE, 9A. Kern and Hammerstein’s “Can’t Help Lovin’ DAT Man”, DEE, DELI, ELEM, ELS, ERIE, ETA and ESTA, ESC, HOSE, "IRMA la Douce”, JUAN, JUNO, KGS, MAE, NAME, NENE (42A. Member of the familia), Eye of NEWT (witch’s item), POT, RARE, RBI, SIS (53D. Member of the family, for short), STAR, STE-Julie, Que., TEM and TET, TIO (41D. Member of the familia), TWA, URN, YSER.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. Argentine strongman Perón; 12. Like no-hitters; 13. The Boilermakers of the N.C.A.A.; 15. Slugger’s stat; 18. “My lips ___ sealed”; 20. Put on, as plays; 22. Said no to; 25. Lake named for an Indian tribe; 26. Fiends; 28. Where runs may be made; 29. “Get out” key: Abbr.; 31. Lorillard company smokes; 34. Political convention locale; 38. Menial sorts; 39. What the best hand may get you; 43. Dr. of children’s books; 44. “Take a number” place; 47. Freak; 50. Get started; 51. Six-pack set; 56. Vietnamese New Year; 57. Japanese dogs; 58. Identify; 59. Ernie of the P.G.A.; 60. Northern French river; 61. Kind of sch. — DOWN: 1. Something a push-up exercises; 2. Paul Revere’s bandmates in 1960s-’70s music; 3. Once-common pesticide component; 5. 2007 Ellen Page title role; 6. Gravesite sight; 7. Commercial suffix with Power; 8. Clinic staff; 9. Never seems to end; 10. Side by side; 11. Adds color to, in a way; 14. This: Sp.; 17. West with the autobiography “Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It”; 21. Arthur in the International Tennis Hall of Fame; 22. Poor mark; 24. Not originals; 27. Said in horror, say; 30. “You’re going to like us. ___” (1980s slogan); 31. Metric weights: Abbr.; 33. Key’s contents; 34. Put into cartoon form; 35. Put a new tag on; 36. Joins up; 39. Careful reading; 40. Kind of religion, in song; 43. Underhanded; 48. Pilot’s datum: Abbr.; 50. Sirius, e.g.; 55. Pro ___.

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