02.18.11 — Friday Flash


Friday, February 18, 2011

Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

With its black squares dividing it into five small puzzles, this evasively-clued, flamboyant Friday crossword is a stop-and-go affair best suited for the most patient of solvers.

Across — 1. Crossbar supporter, GOAL POST; 9. 2009 “Survivor” setting, SAMOA; 14. Attempt, HAVE A GO AT; 16. Like wearing socks on your hands, INANE; 17. “Be that as it may …”, AT ANY RATE; 18. Four-time presidential candidate, NADER; 19. “Isn’t that so?,” to Rousseau, N'EST-ÇE PAS; 20. Roman leader?, GRECO; 21. Sci-fi beeper, ARTOO; 22. Old doctor’s supply, LEECHES; 24. Milquetoast of old comics, CASPAR; 28. Stop order, HALT; 29. Return a letter, say, BACKSPACE; 32. Venezuela’s ISLA Margarita; 33. 2008 greatest hits album that includes the song “Proud Mary”, TINA; 34. Palindromic name high on the Forbes billionaires list, SOROS; 35. Indicator of second thoughts, STET; 36. Statement of resignation, ALAS; 37. Peevish, IRRITATED; 39. Knife injury, GASH; 40. Touch screen toucher, STYLUS; 41. Certifies, ATTESTS; 43. They support TV viewers, SOFAS; 48. Take temporarily, LEASE; 49. Creator of strange worlds, FANTASIST; 53. Unseen “Mork & Mindy” character, ORSON; 54. Totals, AMOUNTS TO; 55. Common praenomen among Roman emperors, GAIUS; 56. Bright school member, NEON TETRA; 57. Blank SLATE; 58. Considers beneath one’s notice, SNEERS AT.
Down — 1. African soccer powerhouse popularly known as the Black Stars, GHANA; 2. Gun show?, OATER; 3. Stop order?, AVAST; 4. Slow than adagio, LENTO; 5. Bird in a Sean O’Casey title, PAYCOCK; 6. Baddie in Perrault’s tales, OGRE; 7. It may be found in a dish, SOAP; 8. “Toodles”, TATA; 9. Expose to flame, SINGE; 10. Disorderly sort?, ANARCHIST; 11. Got a move on, MADE HASTE; 12. Like early life, ONE-CELLED; 13. Balloon, e.g., AEROSTAT; 15. Early radio transmitter, TESLA COIL; 23. 1974 Billboard hit with Spanish lyrics, ERES TU; 25. Run interference for, e.g., ASSIST; 26. Game animal?, SPORTS FAN; 27. Evasive answer, PARRY; 29. Involving both sides, BILATERAL; 30. 1997 animated film set in Russia, ANASTASIA; 31. Quits gambling, CASHES OUT; 33. More than a quarter of native Filipinos, ethnically, TAGALOGS; 38. “The Mambo Kings” co-star, ASSANTE; 42. Somehow know, SENSE; 44. Mixer maker, OSTER; 45. Handmade things?, FISTS; 46. Word in Kansas’ motto, ASTRA; 47. Fur source, STOAT; 50. AMES Research Center (NASA lab in Silicon Valley); 51. It comes before one, NOON; 52. Make less sharp, maybe, TUNE.

I'll put some o' the gorgeous feathers out o' your tail!
 ~ Juno and the Paycock


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Anonymous said...

I thought Caspar was spelled Casper

DONALD said...

Yes, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Casper, Wyoming. Caspar Milquetoast would prefer a different spelling - Caspar Milquetoast

Cynthia said...

Can you help me with Gun Show? Oater? Cynthia

(I also got tripped up by the correct spelling of Caspar, which made it difficult to get Tesla Coil).

DONALD said...


Gun show as in a shoot-em-up movie, and a western is referred to as an oater (horses eat oats). I know. Hmmm...


Cynthia said...

Ah thank you. I realize I was doing a puzzle from my Seattle Times which runs well after the original publish date.

So double thanks for replying.