02.07.11 — Sunrise

Monday, February 7, 2011

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz

It’s DAYBREAK (39D. Sunrise)Stir, wake, roll over, stretch and get up and go! — found in STIR FRYING (18A. Cooking in a wok, e.g.), WAKE FOREST (24A. University in Winston-Salem, N.C.), ROLLOVER A CD (37A. Reinvest some funds), STRETCH BRA (51A. It offers flexible support for women) and GET UP AND GO (58A. Pep) are the interrelated group of this nifty back-to-work Monday crossword.

Other — ATTACKS, CHALKIER (3D. More like messy blackboards), ESTUARY, EXPERT, FOR ONCE, GAUGES, LIBRARY, NECTAR (46D. Drink of the gods), ORNATE, POST-WAR, SWATTED, TAILOR and the triumverate of  FARM, STY and PIGPEN (9D. Old MacDonald’s place; 10D. 9-Down enclosure; 13D. Perpetually dirty kid in “Peanuts”).

Five-letter — AERIE, ARISE (7D. Come to pass), ATARI, CRYPT, DISCO (27D. Dance to Donna Summer's "Last Dance," e.g.), ERASE, F-STOP, GENIE, Actress HALLE Berry, KATIE, ORAL B, PERKS, RADIO, ROTOR, SIREN, SOLID, STRAD, TAROT, TINTS, TULIP.

Short stuff — APED and AXED, ARI and ARIA, BORE (15A. Snoozefest), CBS, CHAP, CRO-Magnon man, DOTE, EKED, FIT, GNU, HOT, IPO, LACE, LAP of luxury, LENT, LIE, OAFS, OCT, OSHA, OYL, PECK, PFC, RYES, SKA and SRA, SKIM, Aretha Franklin, the Queen of SOUL, STAT, TINY, TVA, USA, YOW (“Holy smokes!”).


Watched the following on TCM Sunday night… oh, and there was football!

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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Quantity picked by Peter Piper; 5. Fellow; 9. Camera lens setting; 14. Worker protection agcy.; 16. Pioneering video game company; 17. Rushing yards or turnovers, for short; 22. Glance through quickly; 27. Act like a grandma; 287. “Exodus” hero; 30. Ambulance sound; 31. Seedy loaves; 33. Blitzkriegs; 40. Place where borrowing is encouraged; 41. Clodhoppers; 44. “Three wishes” granter; 47. N.Y.S.E. debut; 50. Pink-slipped; 55. Lines scanned by a supermarket scanner, in brief; 56. Met melody; 57. Set of fortunetelling cards; 62. Period after Mardi Gras; 63. Undo, as writing; 64. Wee; 65. Doily material; 66. Treasured violin, for short; 68. Barely got, with “out”. — DOWN: 1. Like the period after 1945; 2. Wide part of a river where it meets the sea; 4. Newswoman Couric; 5. 4-Down’s network; 6. Sizzling; 8. Employee benefits; 11. Worker who has people in stitches?; 12. Elaborately decorated; 19. In good physical shape; 21. Many a G.I.; 25. Toothbrush brand; 26. Helicopter topper; 27. Dance to Donna Summer’s “Last Dance,” e.g.; 30. Jamaican music; 32. Sphere or cube; 34. Fed. Electricity provider since 1933; 35. Eagle’s home; 36. Burial chamber; 38. Perjure oneself; 42. As a total departure from the norm; 43. Tried to kill, as a fly; 44. Rain-measuring devices; 45. Know-nothing’s opposite; 48. Columbus Day mo.; 51. Madrid Mrs.; 52. Shadings; 53. Transistor, e.g.; 56. Parodied; 59. Miss Teen ___ (beauty pageant); 60. Bearded African animal; 61. Olive ___ (Popeye’s sweetie).

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