05.22.12 — Enigma

The Enigma, Gustave Doré


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Puzzle by Kyle T. Dolan / Edited by Will Shortz

ENIGMA VARIATIONS (38A. Work by Sir Edward Elgar hinted at by this puzzle’s circled squares) and variations (anagrams) of the word ENIGMA, e.g., MEANGI, NIMAGE, AMENGI and GAMENI found in the aforementioned circled squares within MEAN GIRLS (18A. 2004 movie with a screenplay by Tina Fey), GRAVEN IMAGE (24a. Carved figure used for rituals), STEAM ENGINE (54A. Industrial Revolution-era power source) and GAME NIGHT (65A. Family play time) constitutes the interrelated group of this puzzling Tuesday crossword.

Mid-size answers — ADJOINED, ATARIS, ATONAL, AVAUNT, CASH IN, COWARD, DEE DEE, DEMAND, DILATE, G MINOR, ILLINI, KETTLE, LOVE NEST (60A. Illicit rendezvous locale), MARINA, NOTING, ONE TON, OREGON, PATENT LAW (9D. Intellectual property subject), PATINA (9A. Film about a statue?), PERSIA, Stravinsky’s “L’Histoire du SOLDAT”, TABLELAND (34D. Plateau), TATAMI, TRAJAN.

Five-letter — AKITA,A ROOM of One’s Own”, DENIM, EVENT, GLOCK, GLUED, MOSSO (4A. Rapid, in music), NO MAS (56D. Enrique’s “Enough!”), O-RING, SORER, STAND, TESTS, TORTS, TOTEM.

Short stuff — “Break A LEG!”, ALI, ALTO, ANO, AWOL, BAL, DDT, EER, ENDS, EROS, EWES, GO IN, GST, IDLE, INA, ”Dies IRAE”, ISL, KILT, LOW, MAGI, MOC and MOM, NAM, NEAT and NEWT, NNE, NOT A chance!”, OIL and OWL, OMS, PERE, RED and REW, TIE, TOG, VOIR dire.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Insecticide whose spelled-out name has 31 letters; 4. Rapid, in music,; 9. Film about a statue?; 15. Always, in verse; 18. Woolf’s “___ of One’s Own”; 17. Hard-to-hum, say; 20. Japanese mat; 21. Was next to; 22. ___ Noel (French Santa Claus), 23. Straight, at a bar; 29. Lees material; 31. Legal wrongs; 32. How a limbo dancer dances; 36. N.Y.C.’s Roosevelt ___; 37. Railroad beam; 44. Like most of China’s flag; 45. Fig. on an A.T.M. receipt; 46. Improperly off base, in brief; 47. “Wise” bird; 48. Like the cutouts in some children’s artwork; 50. Austrian-made pistol; 54. Industrial Revolution-era power source; 59. Bit of Highlands costume; 60. Illicit rendezvous locale; 62. Yacht site; 66. 2,000 pounds; 67. It’s taken by witnesses; 68. Try to stop from squeaking, say; 69. Chicken; 70. Trials; 71. SSW’s opposite. — DOWN: 1. Supply’s partner, in economics; 2. Pundit Myers; 3. Roman emperor born in Spain; 4. Nativity scene figures; 5. Part of an airtight seal; 6. More achy; 8. Meditation chants; 10. 1600 and 6200 consoles; 11. Figure on a pole; 12. ___ while; 13. ‘60s ware zone; 14. Clay, after a transformation?; 19. Mentioning; 22. Xerxes’ empire; 25. ___ dire (jury selection process); 26. Choir voice; 27. Enter; 28. Milk providers; 30. May honoree; 34. Plateau; 35. “___, and quit my sight!”: Macbeth; 38. Love god; 39. Wetlands creature; 40. Empty, as talk; 42. Dress (up); 43. Urbana-Champaign athletes; 48. Key of Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 or 40; 49. Grow, as a pupil; 51. Terminus of a famous trail; 52. Collect one’s winnings; 53. One whistling in the kitchen?; 55. Japanese dog; 57. News conference, e.g.; 61. Terminates; 62. Comfy bit of footwear; 63. Enero-to-diciembre period; 64. Button with two triangles: Abbr.; 65. Astronomical observation std.

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