05.26.12 — The Saturday Crossword

The Kiss ~ Auguste Rodin, (Marble 1888-1889)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Thirty-some seven-letter answers constitutes the main feature of this Saturday crossword.

Across — 1. Accompanier of a thrown tomato, BOO HISS; 8. Reddish-orange gem, JACINTH; 15. Settled, AT PEACE; 16. Like the sky, UP ABOVE; 17. High-carb party snack, CHEX MIX; 18. Midwest birthplace of Orson Welles and Don Ameche, KENOSHA; 19. Berry of “Mayberry R.F.D.”, KEN; 20. “Ha, see?!”, SO THERE; 22. Heart, to Hadrian; 23. Norway’s Order of St. OLAV; 25. Local protest acronym, NIMBY; 26. Avoid work, in Britain, DOSS; 27. Try, informally, FLING; 29. Jack-a-POO (hybrid dog); 30. Perfect Day maker, SERTA; 31. Green acres?, FORESTS; 33. Basic bit of algebra, X TIMES Y; 35. News newbie, CUB; 36. Sartre’s soul, AME; 37. Musée Rodin masterpiece, THE KISS; 41. Home of the U.S. Army Airborne Forces, FT BRAGG; 45. One of about a million on a jetliner, RIVET; 46. Fictional title sch. of a 1994 comedy film, PCU; 48. Choice at some check-ins, AISLE; 49. “I DID it!”; 50. No-no for objectivity, SLANT; 52. Allowing no play, TAUT; 53. Adapted intro?, MAL; 54. Make stylish, SPIFF UP; 56. Bush much seen around Florida, JEB; 57. Approach from out of nowhere, SWOOP IN; 59. Stylish, A LA MODE; 61. Edible floppy disk?, PANCAKE; 62. Select from a menu, CLICK ON; 63. World’s largest nocturnal primates, AYE-AYES; 64. TEN CENT Beer Night (1974 baseball promotion that ended in a riot).

Down — 1. “I don’t want to fight, man”, BACK OFF; 2. His opening line is “’Tis better as it is”, OTHELLO; 3. Like some markets and headphones, OPEN AIR; 4. Bit of witchery, HEX; 5. Brand with a paw print in its log, IAMS; 6. Progeny, SCION; 7. Advice from Dr. Ruth, SEX TIPS; 8. Target of Fonzie’s fist bumps, JUKEBOX; 9. Impressionism?, APERY; 10. One to walk with, CANE; 11. Nigerian people, IBO; 12. Pointless situation, NO SCORE; 13. Program guides, TV HOSTS; 14. Talk of the town, HEARSAY; 21. Subj. in the 2007 documentary “Sicko”, HMO; 24. Like some pullovers, V-NECKS; 26. Point out?, DEMERIT; 28. It might prevent a blackout, G-SUIT; 30. Friend of Pumbaa, SIMBA; 32. “Are We There Yet?” airer, TBS; 34. Skin pick?, TAT; 37. Big name in weight-loss pills, TRIMSPA; 38. Stowed, HID AWAY; 39. Prince of Darkness, EVIL ONE; 40. Thin construction strips, SPLINES; 41. Cool bit of trivia, FUN FACT; 42. For laughs, AS A JOKE; 43. Like some fingernails and eyelashes, GLUED ON; 44. Bart Simpson catchphrase, GET BENT; 47. Half-CAF; 50. Rail nail, SPIKE; 51. Tutu material, TULLE; 54. Make unbearable?, SPAY; 55. It may be unbearable, PAIN; 58. Andean tuber, OCA; 60. Turn-of-the-century year, MCC.


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